Do you have little energy to do the things you love even though you get plenty of sleep?

Sleep is only one part of recharging your batteries. 

To gain a full charge, you need to practice the 7 types of rest: physical, mental, sensory, creative, emotional, social, and spiritual.

1. Physical Rest

You're already familiar with passive physical rest: sleeping and napping.

Try this:

Add active physical rest to help your body recover from physical exercise.

Try this:

2. Mental Rest

Your brain needs rest to process your day so your thoughts don't keep you up at night.

Try this:

  • Use the Pomodoro technique to take regular breaks throughout your day

  • Reflect on the day and write your thoughts in a journal before bed

3. Sensory Rest

Our busy lives can quickly overwhelm our senses...

...noises, lights, screens, music, conversations, notifications...sometimes all at once!

This not only can make it hard to focus, but can affect you physically, such as headaches, eyestrain, and ringing in your ears.

Try this:

4. Creative Rest

Feeling stuck? 

It can show up in different ways: writer's block, lack of focus, mind going blank.

Take a break to find inspiration by appreciating nature and enjoying art.

Try this:

5. Emotional Rest

Bottling up your feelings can take a lot out of you.

This can lead to stress and resentment.

Find ways to be your authentic self and safely express how you feel.

Try this:

6. Social Rest

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

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Extroverts get energy from others and welcome frequent social interactions.

Try this:

Take a break from work to socialize with friends and recharge your batteries.

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Introverts feel drained after being with others and need time alone to recharge.

Try this:

Take a break from social activities and schedule alone time to recharge.

7. Spiritual Rest

"Connect beyond the physical and mental and feel a deep sense of belonging, love, acceptance and purpose."