Have you ever experienced writer's block? Or maybe artist block?

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Taking creative rest, or intentionally doing things that make you feel inspired, grateful, or energized, can prevent these common creative blocks that many people experience.

These 5 strategies can help get your ideas flowing again and increase your productivity.

Why Do You Need Creative Rest?

Life today is filled with the pressure to create. Planning your friend's birthday party, writing up your latest term paper, and brainstorming solutions to a roommate problem all require creativity. It can feel like you never get a break.

The truth is, this overstimulation can actually lead to a lack of creativity!

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That's why it's so important to take time for creative rest and intentionally disconnect from the pressures of productivity.

1. Spend Time in Nature

Getting creative rest means allowing yourself a chance to see beauty in the world around you.

Although experiencing the wonder of something like the Grand Canyon for the first time is an impactful way to get closer to the natural world, you don't need to go on a big vacation to see how beautiful nature is!

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Depending on where you live, this might mean having a picnic in a local park, going for a walk around your neighborhood, or taking your morning cup of coffee out in the garden.

2. Appreciate Art

Another source of inspiration to give you creative rest is art!

Remember that artwork comes in many forms. You might enjoy visiting a local museum, reading a good book, or even eating out at a nice restaurant.

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The important thing is that you take time to notice and allow yourself to be inspired by the wonder of what is in front of you.

3. Make Your Own Space Inspiring

If you don't have the time to explore a museum, you can always fill your own space with inspiration.

Start by looking around your room or office. Are there things you find beautiful, interesting, or inspiring? If not, make a change!

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You can add plants, artwork, or photos of people and places you love. Designing a space that makes you feel at home can go a long way toward boosting your creativity.

4. Try Meditating

There are many forms of meditation, so feel free to experiment and find what helps you focus on the present moment!

  • Visualization: close your eyes and imagine a place where you feel peace

  • Breathwork: pay attention to your breath by doing a specific breathing exercise

  • Mantras: focus on repeating a word, phrase, or sound that inspires you

  • Movement: take a yoga class and observe how your body feels

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5. Make Time for Your Passions

Having a low-pressure, enjoyable hobby can be a great form of creative rest. This might be crocheting, cooking, coloring, or doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Experiment with different hobbies and when you find something you like doing simply for the sake of doing it, create space in your schedule to enjoy!

A cartoon dinosaur in a beret painteing a loaf of bread with a smiling face on a canvas. Be sure to choose something fun, with no sense of urgency and no need to make money off of it.


Sam is a college student who has sat down multiple times to write an important essay but hasn't been able to start. Which forms of creative rest would you recommend to help him jumpstart his essay? Choose all that apply.

Take Action

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If you're struggling to come up with new and creative ideas at school, work, or in your personal life, prioritize creative rest in your schedule.


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