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Bytes are short learning experiences (less than 10 minutes long) that make a key insight easy to learn and remember.

In fact, their chunked structure is 22% more effective than traditional learning.

Rumie is a library full of Bytes for you to explore. New Bytes are published everyday. 🤩

Building Towards Your Goals

Bytes build on each other, a few minutes at a time, building critical life and career skills that take you closer to your goals, like:

Because Bytes are quick and commitment-free, you can work towards your goals one step at a time (and discover new things you might not have known would be useful!).

A teacher in a classroom dancing. She says,

Replacing Social Media Time

Did you know the average instagram session is 6 minutes long?

What if you replaced one of those sessions a day with a Byte?

Graph showing average instagram user's activity: 6 minutes and 35 seconds per session, 2 hours and 24 minutes per day.

If you commit to opening Rumie once per day when you would normally open a social media app, you'll feel better (and know more!) after just a few weeks.

Don't believe us? Try it!

Who Creates Bytes?

  • Corporate employees, who participate in our volunteer workshops

  • Community partners, like other non-profits and professional institutions with subject matter expertise

  • Rumie Learning Designers, individuals with a background in learning and related fields who share our mission of making learning free for all

Our Byte authors volunteer their time because they want to see YOU succeed. No hidden agenda. No sales pitch.

Each Byte has an organization logo, so you can see who built it.

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  • support each other through resume reviews

  • talk about what we're learning on Rumie at weekly Byte club sessions

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