Ever catch yourself thinking:

  • "Is my resume actually formatted well?" 🤔

  • "Did I say the wrong thing in my interview last week?" 😓

  • "How can I adapt my time management plan for online school?" 😐

Look no further: there's a community of learners ready to welcome you! The Rumie community (hosted on Discord) is for just that: supporting each other on career and life skills topics you may not have learned in school!

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What's Rumie? We're a tech nonprofit on a mission to make learning accessible with our free virtual library of Bytes. More on Rumie here.

What's a Byte? A ~5 minute learning experience about soft skills: you're reading one right now! Bytes always include suggestions on how to take action in real life. More on Bytes here.

Not sure how Discord works? There's a Byte for that too!

Get Support From The Community

The Rumie community is a space to connect with other people facing similar challenges as you, and others who have been through it before and can provide advice.

Flaticon IconYou're not alone in feeling:

  • Overwhelmed by your job search 😩

  • Lost when it comes to managing your time ⌚

  • Unsure of how to respond to awkward social situations 🤔

Flaticon IconTell the community what you need help with and someone will help you find your bearings, or come by to observe and offer others support.

Start in the #✌general channel in the Discord server to introduce yourself and go from there!

Lunch & Learn

Bytes are just a starting point for learning about a topic. At Lunch & Learn we discuss a featured Byte every week: kind of like a book club, only bite-sized! 📚🤏

To participate all you need to do is:

  • Read the featured Byte (~5 minutes)

  • Come to the 🔊server-events voice channel at the time of the meeting to chat!

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We have a recurring Lunch & Learn each week and sometimes have extra pop-up sessions.

To see all upcoming Lunch & Learn sessions check out our events page, and see past Lunch & Learn post-session notes in the #📚lunch-and-learn channel.

Speaker Events And Workshops

We're all about knowledge-sharing in the community and sometimes it helps to hear someone experienced talk about a topic or guide you through how to do something. 👂 It's also a great opportunity to ask questions!

A few sessions we've hosted in the past include:

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To see all upcoming speaker and workshop sessions check out our events page. find conversations and resources from past events in the #🎤server-events-chat channel and on our socials (Instagram, TikTok).

Shape The Community

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We want this to be a community that works for YOU! To shape the community:

👩‍🏫 Ask questions and learn from fellow community members

🧐 Offer up your own expertise (eg. review resumes in the #💼resume-feedback channel)

🎁 Share Bytes that resonated with you or to support a community member

📅 Attend events and respond to post-event questionnaires

👍 Vote on potential Byte topics you'd like to see on Rumie Learn

💌 Invite your friends or others in your life who could benefit from joining

🔥 Volunteer with Rumie and directly influence the direction of Rumie Learn

Bump and rate the server on Disboard (the public Discord search engine)


Jules is in the midst of a lengthy job search. They could use some help so they joined the Rumie community and introduced themselves. What could they do next?

Take Action

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If you're reading this Byte you are already part of the Rumie community! Members of the community use Bytes from the Rumie Learn library as a starting point for conversations and to share in response to others' questions.


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