Improving in these key areas will set you up for success in any internship:

  • Self Assessments

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Clear Communication

  • Problem-Solving

  • Learning Skills

Self Assesments

The most fundamental skill you can develop is identifying your own strengths and weakness and then creating a game plan to grow and improve these areas. This applies to any internship, job, and life generally.

Can you answer these questions?

We are all unicorns (unique) but it's important to do an inventory of your skills regularly so you can be the best version of yourself!

Before your internship make a list of:

  • 5 skills you have

  • 5 skills you want to work on

  • 5 skills you want to gain

Do the same at the end of your internship to see the progress you have made!

Rainbow unicorn flying

Emotional Intelligence

People skills are important in all fields. Collaboratively working with others makes you an asset! It is easy to undervalue these soft skills but similar to technical skills you can improve with practice.

Rate yourself using a score out of 10 for each skill below:

If you have a low score in any of these areas think about how this could impact your ability to be successful at your internship (and work on improving it!) 🤔

There is no gif for the things I am feeling

Clear Communication

Are you comfortable sharing your ideas at work? Are you comfortable asking questions? Are you an effective communicator in virtual meetings? These are some of the most important communication skills that employers are looking for:

Text conversation  - Bubble 1 what are you doing bubble 2 nothing bubble 3 wahtever Perhaps an example of how not to communicate during your internship! 😅


Not all jobs require the same type of problem-solving but it is an essential skill for succeeding in an internship.

Picture these scenarios:

  • A customer did not receive their order

  • The website has been hacked

  • You need to do a presentation on a new topic

What approach would you take? What are your problem-solving knowledge gaps?

puzzle pieces with no impmage animated to fill a square

Learning Skills

What have you taught yourself to do in the past? What made it easy or hard? Do you like learning by reading, watching videos, or listening? Do you like learning in a classroom, on your own, with friends, or in a specific setting? Understand how you learn to create an effective plan and develop any skill!

Here are a few learning skill areas (but there are of course many more):

Sample plan for developing a skill

Skill: Be more positive

Steps to make it happen:

Evaluation: Create a calendar reminder for 3 months from now to check in.

Take Action

you are never done learning animated on a notebook

Create a learning action plan to improve your skill gaps!

Tackle a recommended Byte within this Byte each day until you have a collection of soft skills necessary to succeed in any field.

Which skill do you want to work on first?


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