"Do you know what you want to do in life?"

Does this question stress you out or fill your head with negative thoughts?

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Uncertainty is normal! It's ok to feel this way.

Being open to new experiences will only help you figure out what you enjoy the most and what you're "meant to do."

Sometimes you provide your own best guidance with self-talk based on how you feel about those experiences!

What Is Self-Talk?

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Self-talk is self reflection or internal dialogue about a situation or experience you had or are about to have.

Have you ever...

  • Had to convince yourself that you were or weren’t able to overcome an obstacle?

  • Told yourself you were going to pass or fail a test?

  • Nervously eyed up a sports rival you hadn't defeated in 5 years?

  • Tried something multiple times in which you didn't succeed before?

We are all faced with situations that seem impossible from time to time. What helps us make it through is what we tell ourselves when we encounter those tough situations!

Positive Vs. Negative Self-Talk

Self talk can be either positive or negative. We either talk ourselves into believing that something can't be done or we talk ourselves into believing we can accomplish our goal!

Drake saying no to

If you find yourself doubting your ability to succeed or get that dream job, you are engaging in negative self-talk.

Change the narrative and identify all the reasons why you can (and will) succeed!

Applying For A Job

Pam from the office saying,

Do you read a job posting and see requirements that you don't feel comfortable with or don't think you could deliver strongly?

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Meeting those requirements doesn't always mean you need to have built a skill in a work setting. Think about where else in your life you've learned the required skills, and how passionate you are about growing in a new job setting!

Going In For An Interview

A job applicant at an interview who sits awkwardly in his chair

Have you ever been called in for an interview and panicked? Maybe it's your first interview and you have no idea what they will ask and are unsure of how you will do?

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Why not think of it as just another classroom activity or conversation with a sports coach? Remember, your interviewer is a person too — it could even be their first time interviewing someone! Be honest, specific, and detailed in your answers. Let them get to know how great you are!

Starting Your New Job

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Now that you've used your positive self-talk to get that desired job, are you doubting your ability to succeed or be accepted?

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Remember that you were hired for a reason. You presented yourself as yourself, so BE YOURSELF! Give them a chance to see your skills and get to know you. Everyone you work with had a first day and most likely felt the same way as you!


Meet Matilda! Flaticon Icon

  • went through 3 rounds of interviews for a job she really wanted

  • thought she killed it in all 3 interviews & got a good vibe from the interviewers

  • was surprised that she didn't get the job and feels awful about it

A couple of weeks later, Matilda looks up the person who got the job on LinkedIn. She discovers that Sandra, who got the job, is highly qualified and experienced. Matilda feels even worse now!

She's having some conflicting thoughts. This is what she's telling herself:

A. "I guess I'm just not good enough for a job like this."

B. "I did well but I'll knock it out of the park next time."

C. "I need to be more like Sandra."


Which self-talk statement will help her change the narrative?

Take Action


But first, you need to tell yourself:

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To adjust your self-talk in a more positive direction:


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