Do you want to feel loved?  A person throwing their arms in the air. The text reads,

All you need is YOU! 

Discover the5 love languages— acts of service, gift-giving, physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation — that can help you make time for self-care and improve your well-being!

Words of affirmation

We’re often our own worst critics. It's time to become your biggest fan.

A cheerleader jumping and saying

Try it!

  • Write yourself notes with what you love about yourself.

  • Start a gratitude journal and write down what you're thankful for.

  • Reflect on and celebrate your accomplishments each week.

A person hugging themself. The text reads,

Quality time

We often try to juggle too many things at once.

Even when trying to relax, we get distracted by scrolling aimlessly on our phones.

A person half listening to a phone call. Make time to disconnect and be present with yourself.

Try it!

Go media free. Find a quiet place, grab your favorite beverage, and read a book.

A person chilling on a bean bag chair while reading and drinking coffee.

Take yourself out to a movie.

A person eating popcorn at a movie theatre.

Go outdoors for a walk and soak in the nature all around you.

A person hiking through a forest.

Practice daily mindfulness.

A person in front of a water fall and garden taking deep breaths.

Acts of service

What can you do for yourself now that will make your future self happy?

Try it!

Cook yourself a healthy meal.

A person chopping vegetables.

Organize your home so you can enjoy it.

A person holding up an embroidered

Spent time looking your best.

A person doing their hair.

Tackle your to do list.

A person checking off items on a clipboard. The text reads,

Physical touch

Take care of your body so you can do the things you love for longer.

hugs n kisses

Try it!

Stretch your muscles.

A person doing a yoga moon pose with the moon in the background.

Take a warm bubble bath.

A person enjoying a glass of wine in a bubble bath.

Give yourself a pedicure and foot massage.

A person having a spa day.

Get a massage.

A person enjoying a cucumber face mask.


Treat yourself from time to time.

Especially if it will help you with self-care, or make your future self happy.

Try it!

Buy yourself a gift, flowers, or a plant.

A person holding a bouquet of heart flowers.

Take yourself on a trip.

A person driving in a van with luggage on the roof. The text reads,

Invest in learning a new skill or hobby.

A person at a desk in front of a chalkboard that reads,

Head to your favorite restaurant.

A person eating spaghetti at a restaurant. The text reads,


Mary's favorite love language is physical touch. Which of these activities could she do for herself to fulfill her need for physical touch? Select all that apply.

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