Have you ever thought about how to continue learning outside of school?

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There are plenty of ways to incorporate learning into your daily life and keep your journey for knowledge on track!

Read Books 📚

Reading doesn’t always have to feel like a burdensome task. The key to enjoying reading is to find something that's interesting to you.

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Whether it’s a fiction or non-fiction book, you don’t have to limit yourself to a certain genre to gain new knowledge.

Watch Youtube 📲

Youtube videos are a great way to gain knowledge on a variety of topics. There are channels dedicated to education, cooking, technology, and fitness, to name a few.

Video content is very easy to consume and can be re-watched many times.

Listen To Podcasts 🎧

Whether you are on your daily commute, exercising at the gym, or cooking, podcasts are an easy way to learn new things without having to set aside a chunk of your time. 

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Take a look at these top podcast lists to get an idea of the different genres, styles, and lengths of podcasts.

Watch Movies & Shows 🎞

Learn multiple languages by watching movies and TV shows. Unlike traditional language learning, these allow you to make use of context clues to learn new words, as well as gain knowledge of commonly used phrases in daily conversation. 

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Streaming platforms such as Netflix have built-in subtitles for movies and TV shows. Try watching a film with foreign subtitles or in a foreign language!

Enroll In A Course 📝

Take free online courses on a variety of topics.

Platforms like Linkedin Learning and Coursera offer courses that allow you to expand your knowledge and gain new skills. This can be helpful if you’re looking for a new job and trying to make your resume stand out.

Bytes are also another way to learn practical skills.

Join A Community 🤼

Join a community that connects to what you want to learn. This way, if you want to engage in a discussion about a certain topic or need a question answered, you'll have the support you need. Learning together is better than learning alone.

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To find a community, look online or contact your local community center. Those who have similar interests as you will be more than happy to help you on your learning journey.

The Rumie Discord community is a great place to start!

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