Do you often find yourself thinking:

  • "I can't find enough time in a day!"

  • "My space is so disorganized!"

  • "I feel overwhelmed with all my daily to-dos!"

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Marie Kondo knows what's going on! You've got way too much stuff and it's interfering with your life.

Eliminate physical, emotional, and mental clutter to simplify your life with these 3 lessons from Marie Kondo.

Who is Marie Kondo?

She's a small but mighty woman with a cause: to help you reduce clutter and find joy through simplicity!

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Lesson 1: Less is More

Most of us have way too many things and a multitude of distractions in our lives. Think about what you can purge.

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Can you truthfully say that you treasure something buried so deeply in a closet or drawer that you have forgotten its existence?

—Marie Kondo

Steps you can take:

  • Go through your closets and donate items you no longer use.

  • Unsubscribe from email lists for services and products you don't need.

  • Break up with toxic friends. You deserve people who are in your corner.

Lesson 2: Appreciate What You Have

Once you've gotten rid of unnecessary "stuff," you'll be better able to pay attention to people who are important to you and take care of your possessions.

Marie Kondo carrying a bundle of clothes in a very cluttered room.

The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.

—Marie Kondo

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Steps you can take:

  • Tidy your living and work spaces to make them pleasing and functional.

  • Avoid fast fashion and impulse shopping. Get a few well made items instead.

  • Spend quality time with friends.

  • Write a letter of thanks to someone who loves and supports you.

Lesson 3: Simplicity=Joy

This last lesson gets to the heart of what Marie Kondo wants you to know:

You'll be more joyful when you live a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

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Steps you can take:


According to Marie Kondo, how might the process of decluttering help you appreciate the simpler things in life?

Take Action

Marie Kondo making her signature move of kicking up a heel and pointing skywards with rainbow letter caption, 'Spark Joy.'

Think about what you can eliminate from your surroundings and even your schedule to help simplify and streamline your life. With less clutter, you can concentrate more on the things that matter to you.


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