YouTube Icon moving Do you love to share makeup tips like Michelle Phan? 💄 💋

Do you like making people laugh like Ryan Higa? 😂 📺 ⏺️

Are you good at streaming games like theRadBrad? 🎮 🖱️ 🕹️

Is making short animations about your life like Domics your passion? 🤔📝 🏃

If you like doing any of these, then consider being a YouTuber! 📹 🤳 📸

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What Do YouTubers Do?

YouTubers create and produce videos of different interests for their viewers.

You'll have to:

  • choose a niche

  • create your channel

  • film short videos

  • edit recordings

  • optimize your videos

  • promote videos to the public

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Kinds Of YouTube Content

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YouTube videos could be anything under the sun.

Some of the most popular categories are:

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  • reviews and unboxing

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  • vlogging

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  • fitness

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  • music

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  • educational/informative

The good news?

You can do it as a hobby, part-time, or as a regular hustle! No degree is needed.

You can also monetize your videos. Your earnings will depend on your channel growth.

How Much Can I Earn on YouTube?

According to YouTube, you can make money from ad revenue after getting accepted into the YouTube Partner Program. The average pay per 1,000 ad views is US $18.

These are the average payments (U.S. Dollar) YouTubers receive per channel size category:

  • Nano: $10–$100

  • Micro: $200–$1,000

  • Mid-tier: $1,000–$10,000

  • Macro: $10,000–$20,00

  • Mega: $20,000+

Other than YouTube, there are other ways to earn as a YouTuber such as brand sponsorships, paid services, and affiliate marketing.

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Being A YouTuber

You'll Love It If...

  • you enjoy making and editing videos

  • you like to research and conceptualize content

  • you want to create a community of like-minded people

  • you love entertaining and helping others

Look for Another Path If...

  • hate spending hours editing the same video

  • you dislike looking for trends and new ideas

  • you only care about being popular and making a lot of money

  • you're not patient and don't want to start from zero

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You decided to make a YouTube channel. What should you do before uploading your first video?

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"I think I want to be a YouTuber. How do I start?"


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