Not all journalists hold a furry mic and speak in front of a camera on a crowded street.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of journalism!

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Journalism has evolved over the past couple of decades. Yes, there are still journalists reporting live from an exciting location, but there are also journalists sharing stories on Instagram and TikTok!

If you're the king or queen of the latest headlines, a career in journalism could be the right one for you!

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What Do Journalists Do?

Journalists are storytellers.

But every storyteller has a process. Most journalists do some or all of the following:

  • Researching

  • Interviewing

  • Writing

  • Proofreading/Editing

  • Reporting

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Types Of Journalism

Journalism can be broken down in different ways.

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  • Broadcast Journalism — reporting the news on TV/radio.

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  • Print/Online Journalism — writing articles and stories for newspapers, magazines, and online publications.

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  • Photojournalism — using pictures to tell stories about current events.

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  • Multimedia Journalism — creating interactive news stories using online platforms.

You could also choose to focus on a specific type of journalism like investigative journalism, news reporting, sports coverage, entertainment reporting, opinion journalism, and so on.

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The Fun Side

Every job should have some perks, amiright??

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Journalism allows you to:

  • Work on different topics

  • Learn something new with each story

  • Meet many people from different places

  • Gain access to events with a press pass

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The Challenging Side

It can’t all be fun and games though!

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Being a journalist can also mean:

  • Irregular work hours

  • Time away from family

  • Strict deadlines

  • Stress associated with a very fast-paced work environment

  • Exposure to potentially dangerous and harmful circumstances

Is It The Right Job For You?

Being a journalist would be a good fit if you:

  • possess strong writing skills

  • have a thirst for information

  • are a naturally curious person

  • work well under pressure

  • enjoy meeting new people and look forward to traveling

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You'ld like to apply as a volunteer for your school’s newspaper club. Which skill should you highlight first in your application?

Will It Pay the Bills?

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The average annual salary for a journalist in the US is $53,939 .

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The average annual salary for a journalist in Canada is $54,061 .

Here's How You Get There

Flaticon Icon Preparation is key!

  1. Strengthen your writing skills by taking courses in English, language arts, humanities, and social studies.

  2. Get a Bachelor's Degree in journalism, communication, or writing

  3. Choose a specialty

  4. Look for volunteer or internship opportunities

  5. Build a portfolio

  6. Make contacts & network

  7. Find Employment

Learn how you can build a portfolio without professional experience.

⚡Pick the Future Journalist

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  • has a big personality & strong voice

  • creates content for his own Youtube channel

  • loves doing presentations & speaking in front of large crowds

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  • likes to be aware of the latest social media updates & trends

  • has thousands of followers & uses TikTok to share her opinions on news stories

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  • loves watching documentaries & reading nonfiction books

  • writes articles for his own blog & the school newspaper

  • tutors elementary students to improve their writing skills

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  • is captain of the school volleyball team

  • travels to participate in sports tournaments

  • loves chatting with the different people she meets


Who do you think would make an excellent journalist?

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