Do you want to showcase your graphic design skills? Increase clientele for your yoga business? Share your college projects with graduate schools?

A digital portfolio will help you stand out.

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A little planning will go a long way!

What Is A Web-Based Portfolio?

A personal portfolio website introduces professional information about an individual or a company and showcases their work.

Ignoring my paper portfolio for the shiny new web-based portfolio.

Why Do You Need It?

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In an increasingly digital world, our personal and professional lives are online.

You can use web-based portfolios as communication tools to:

  • Display compelling content

  • Provide basic information

  • Market yourself as an employee, entrepreneur, or student

Map Your Vision

Before developing the components of your website, answer the following questions to give your vision a direction:

Flaticon Icon Who is your target audience?

Define your objective. Use specific and concise language to attract your audience to your site.

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What is your best representative work?

Write compelling content that matches your portfolio with your agenda. Be as bright and colorful or minimalist and monochrome as you like.

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How will you present yourself and your work?

Be yourself! Use your content to show personality, creativity, and originality. Keep your objective in mind when designing.

The main components of your personal portfolio:

  1. Introduction

  2. About Me

  3. Work Portfolio

  4. Contact

1. Homepage

Your homepage is the first page that your site visitors see. It introduces your content and personal style, and informs visitors about what they can expect.

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You should answer these three questions in your introduction:

  • Who are you?

  • What do you do?

  • Where do you work/attend school?

An introduction screen of a personal portfolio website with the author's name, job, and purpose.

In this introduction, Tamara Sredojevic introduces herself and her profession using a tagline. She states her mission and includes methods of communication.

If you choose to combine your homepage with your about page, keep it short and sweet.


Blair wants to enter the field of photojournalism. She majored in Biology in college. What would be the least important thing to include?

2. About Me

Be specific when highlighting your background, marketable skills, and abilities.

Flaticon Icon As a student, you might focus on your skills and career goals.

Hi! I'm Amira majoring in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering at the University of Michigan. 1st place winner of the Dr. James A. Lisnyk Student Ship Design Competition.

Flaticon Icon As a job seeker, you might focus on your employment history.

Marc Stevens, urban planner, with over 10 years of experience. Planning Manager for the City of Oak Haven.

Flaticon Icon As an entrepreneur, you might focus on the services you provide.

Delilah the Dressmaker. Hand-sewing one-of-a-kind custom dresses for formal occassions since 1998.


Jules is a best-selling author writing her new book, Avery is a high school student applying to Juilliard, and Jamie is planning to launch her soap-making business. Who should make a personal portfolio website? Select all that apply:

3. Portfolio Of Work

My portfolio. My best work yet.

Flaticon Icon Products and Services

This section depends on the type of product or service you provide. It should show visual samples of your work or a listing of your services.

  • Is it representative of you?

  • Is it your best work?

  • Will it interest your potential employer or client?

A personal portfolio is not a collection of everything that you've ever done.

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Quiz: Alex's Portfolio

Alex has been an architect for seven years. He plans to start his own architecture firm.


What should Alex include on his personal website in his work portfolio? Select all that apply:

4. Contact Information

Make it easy for potential clients or employers to get in touch with you by including:

  • A contact webform

  • An email address

  • A social media link

Take Action

A personal portfolio is a unique representation of yourself. You decide what content to add and in what format to present that content.

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Thoughts for the Future

  • Plan to amend your portfolio as you grow.

  • Decide if you need to include a resume.

  • Brand yourself, with your own stylistic choice, using a logo, visuals, and a color scheme

  • Think about creating a blog to share more content

Start building your website one step at a time. Set your goal and craft a website you want to show the world.


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