Vroom Vroom! Let your C.A.R resume get you to your dream job!

Your resume tells a story about you and your professional development. One way to approach telling this story is through concise and results-focused bullet points that speak to:  

  • Where you have been

  • What you have done

  • What you have accomplished

  • The qualities that employers are looking for

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What Is The C.A.R Method Formula?

The C.A.R method formula fuels your resume by helping you to develop strong resume bullet points that describe your achievements. Each point highlights a challenge, action, and result that frames your success in context.

  • Challenge- The situation (problem or opportunity) that needed to be addressed

  • Action- The step(s) that you took to address the challenge

  • Result-The outcome and impact of the action you took to address the challenge

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How Do You Apply The C.A.R Method Formula To Your Resume?

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Step 1- Develop your stories

Formulate stories that focus on your achievements in your past jobs, volunteer work or projects.

Step 2-  Transform your stories into resume bullet points

Turn your stories into concise resume bullet points that pack a punch. Keep in mind the following tips for writing your bullet points:

  • Describe your results using numbers whenever possible

  • Start your bullet points with the action and result as they are the crucial points of your story 

  • Use specific action verbs that describe how you took action



Job: Production Specialist at Jay’s Bakery and Coffee House

  • Challenge: Our vendor for vanilla extract was raising prices significantly

  • Action: I obtained quotes from other vendors and assembled a cross-functional team to research whether it was feasible to make vanilla extract in-house

  • Result: We were able to transition vanilla extract production in-house at a 20% savings compared to the vendor’s prices.

Resume Bullet Point

Increased savings by 20% by transitioning vanilla production from vendor to in-house

Test Drive Your C.A.R

Consider this scenario:

You are creating bullet points in your resume that reflect your achievements in Sales & Marketing Management. Which of the following points is written using the C.A.R method?

A. Researched marketing approaches and strategies

B. Added $300K in quarterly revenue in 2019 by training new sales representatives in solution selling strategies

C. Finished the quarter 5% ahead of the department’s targeted marketing goal

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Which bullet point would you add to your resume?

Take Action

Put your C.A.R in drive towards a winning resume and dream job by:

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