Life is so busy! Our days seem to go by in a blur of working, studying, doing errands, and socializing.

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But do you feel like something is missing? Do you sometimes wonder what the purpose of it all is? It could be that you're craving spiritual rest.

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Find ways to get spiritual rest and fuel your thirst for meaning and purpose in life.

What is Spiritual Rest?

Spiritual rest is one of the 7 types of rest that we all need to feel our best.

Amid the chaos in our world and the constant demands of our daily lives, it can be helpful to take a breather and simply "be in the moment."

That's where spiritual rest comes in. It's about finding ways to center yourself and look at the bigger picture. Some ways to do this are to:

  • Meditate or pray

  • Practice gratitude

  • Be one with nature

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1. Meditate or Pray

Aim to spend at least a few minutes each day in silence. This can be a practice of meditation or prayer, or just a moment of "being". Try:

  • Reading a meaningful reflection, Bible verse, or any passage from a religious text

  • Doing a series of yoga poses or mindful stretches

  • Deep breathing exercises

  • Reciting a positive mantra to carry with you for the day

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2. Practice Gratitude

It's so easy to focus on what you don't have. Try instead to focus on what you do have!

  • Don't sweat the small stuff. Aim to let minor annoyances go. Ask yourself, "Will this matter 5 years from now?" If not, release it.

  • End the day with one good thing. As you get ready to go to bed, review your day and focus on at least one positive thing that happened.

  • Write about what you're grateful for. Keep a journal where you reflect on people and things you appreciate.

  • Practice being kind. Write a thank you letter, perform a random act of kindness, or use your meditation/prayer time to send positive thoughts to others.

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Practicing gratitude has been shown to result in greater happiness and can help you stay strong during tough times.

3. Be One with Nature

Getting more in touch with nature can increase appreciation for the vastness of the world, the wonder of life, and the amazing beauty that is all around us. It's also a great way to unplug, recharge and reflect. Daily practice may include:

  • Take a quick walk in a park on your lunch break. Touch the bark of the trees, smell the flowers, and notice the sounds of nature.

  • Take care of animals. Brush or stroke your pet's fur, and listen to their breathing and heartbeat.

  • Garden or care for plants. Water and weed them, then watch them grow.

  • Taste your food mindfully and appreciate the labor of others who provided it for you.

  • Gaze at water, whether a fountain, pond, lake, or ocean.

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Spending time in nature, even for a short while, can boost your mood and increase feelings of empathy towards others. Read more about the benefits in this article.


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