Are you interested in getting involved in the healthcare sector? Ever wanted to help out in a medical office or hospital, but you’re not keen on the stress of being a nurse or doctor?

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Maybe becoming a medical secretary would be the perfect fit for you!

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What does a medical secretary do?

Being a medical secretary is more than just being an office secretary — you need to know your stuff! 

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💡A medical secretary's job can include being a:

  • Personal Assistant

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  • Office Administrator 

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Where do medical secretaries work?

Medical secretaries work in different facilitiesand sectors of healthcare or organizations like:

  • Private Practices 

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  • Clinics (both large and small)

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  • Hospitals (private and government)

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  • Medical Companies 

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A day in the life...

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On a normal day, as a medical secretary you might:

  • schedule appointments and meetings.

  • answer calls and handle emails.

  • pay bills and handle organization accounts.

  • communicate with medical aids and medical sales representatives.

  • bill patients and help with their insurance paperwork.

  • compile and record medical charts.

  • maintain medical records, technical library, and correspondence files.

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Which task is NOT part of a medical secretary’s job?

✅ Consider this career if you...

  • have an interest in medical care and the medical industry.

  • havegreat communication skills.

  • enjoy building relationships.

  • love being organized. 

  • possess good computer skills.

  • have excellent time management skills.

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❌ Avoid this career path if...

  • spending time in an office all day isn't something you picture yourself doing.

  • you're not really interested in helping or working with others

  • organization isn't your thing.

  • you enjoy working alone — medical secretaries work with different departments in an organization.

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Let's talk money!

Depending on your position, experience, and qualifications, Medical secretaries can make a yearly average of…

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US $42,039

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CD $41,625

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If being a medical secretary is something you’d be interested in doing, here’s what you need to know:

  • Having accredited qualifications, like a degree, is not a must for this job.  

  • You need at a minimum a high school diploma or GED to enter this career.

  • You can improve your chances of being hired by completing either relevant certifications, vocational, or community college programs in the field. This will help you gain extra knowledge and skills.

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⚡Knowledge check!


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  • Has a Bachelor's degree in Biology and loves working with computers

  • has excellent organizational skills

  • has some experience working as a medical lab technician

  • Is shy and has an introverted personality


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  • Has completed his GED

  • Is outgoing and socially confident

  • has some experience working in customer service

  • Is looking at interviewing for entry-level positions


Who's most suited to be a medical secretary?

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