Being alone doesn't mean you're lonely. Some of the most creative and successful people in the world enjoy being alone, and with a little practice, you can too!

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1) Put Your Phone Down

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Seeing, and comparing, yourself to everyone else will make you feel more alone. By turning your phone off, you can focus on the person you're spending time with - yourself!


What is NOT a sign of unhealthy phone use?

2) Do Something Creative

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Try painting, writing, drawing, knitting, coloring, or cooking. Afterwards, congratulate yourself for bringing something new into the world, even if you never share it with anyone.


What is NOT a good hobby to take up alone?

3) Get Moving

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You can't be lonely if you're too busy sweating! Even moderate exercise can boost your mood.

4) Treat Yourself!

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If you're spending time alone, you don't have to care what anyone else wants to watch or eat - so treat yourself to a snack, TV Show, or book that you enjoy!

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Spending time alone makes us more resilient and independent.


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