Do you want to climb the ladder at work?

Getting promoted isn't just about getting more money. It means taking on new responsibilities and growing your skills.

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While you can do this by taking a job at a different organization, getting a promotion shows future hiring managers that you can stick with it and make an impact.

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But here's the thing: if you want a promotion, you have to position yourself to get it.

Follow these 5 steps to show your manager that you're the one to promote.

1. Share Your Goals

  • Set clear SMART goals for yourself that align with your team's goals

  • Make sure they're challenging - aim for a stretch goal

  • Ask for your manager's opinion.

    From your perspective, will this goal drive toward our team's targets?

    Is there anything you think I'm missing?

  • Make it happen! Reaching your goals makes the case for your ability to deliver, and will give your manager confidence that you are a good person to promote

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2. Ask For Feedback

Ask on a regular basis - not just at a formal review!

Ask your manager:

  • Do you have any feedback for me?

  • Have I been meeting your expectations?

  • Is there anything you think I should spend more time on?

Asking for and acting on feedback shows your boss that you care about growth, and makes you a better candidate for a promotion.

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3. Get A Mentor

Investing in your own growth shows your boss that you are serious about improving your skills and taking on more responsibility.

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Your mentor can be someone else in your company, department, or just someone you admire in your field.


What does getting a mentor demonstrate to your manager?

4. Work Hard (Sorry, No Short Cut On This One)

This might be obvious, but showing up and doing your best is key if you want to be considered for a promotion.

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5. Ask

Keep a list of your contributions. Just like a resume, try to add numbers to quantify your accomplishments. This is like your "evidence" for deserving a promotion.

Pick the right moment to make your pitch, then try saying something like:

I've been enjoying X but would love to take on more responsibility. What will it take for me to move to the next level and take on Y role?

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Remember, it's unlikely to be a one time conversation, but asking for a promotion can be the difference between getting noticed or passed over.

Take Action

Quietly doing your job well and hoping someone notices does not guarantee a promotion. It's up to you to position yourself for it.

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