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Asking for a promotion can be stressful. Should you wait until the perfect time?

There is no perfect time but let's discuss how you can plan to ask.

You Are Ready To Grow

  • Have you done a good job with your responsibilities since you started?

  • Do you feel like you've mastered your tasks?

If can confidently say "yes" to both of these,, it's an excellent time to ask for a promotion.

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Which of these best reflects that you are "ready to grow?"

Read The Room (In This Case The Company)

Do you know what's currently happening at your company?

  • New positions/new employees

  • Company downsizing

  • More clients/more investments

  • Layoffs/cutting hours

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If more opportunities are available, pitch for a promotion. If the company has stopped hiring and slowed down on spending, consider waiting a little longer.

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Annual Performance Review

Most companies have a yearly or mid-year performance review for their employees. The focus of these discussions is to discuss your accomplishments and growth areas over a period of time.

If you've done an excellent job, talk to your supervisor about what more you can accomplish with a promotion.

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You had your performance review and your supervisor did not bring up any opportunity for growth. You'd like a raise. What should you consider doing?

Take Action

Have you considered a promotion but are too afraid to ask? You don't have to wait for the "perfect" time.

If the list below sounds like you, take the time to plan out your conversation then ask for that promotion!

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