You've got a mentor lined up - nice! How can you make sure your relationship is a positive one?

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To get the most from your mentor-mentee relationship you'll need to be clear with your expectations and set parameters.

Know Your Why

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Why are you meeting with your mentor? Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Is there a skillset you want to learn from them?

  • Do you want them to critique your writing?

  • Do you need pointers on dressing professionally?

  • Does your public speaking need work?


Ann has a new mentor. What are some things she could work on with her mentor?

Plan a 5-year career path

Using the mentor's network to build hers

Recommending her for a promotion

Going clubbing after work

How Will You Communicate?

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Will you communicate through text? On the phone? Email? Will you meet in person?

Determining how, when, and how frequently you communicate with your mentor shows respect for their time and sets the boundaries of the mentoring relationship.

Respect Your Mentor's Time

time tick GIF by Stephen Maurice GrahamYour mentor has a life outside of their relationship with you. Respect the time they devote by showing up to meetings and following through on commitments.

Apply Your Learning

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Apply what you learn. When your mentor gives you feedback, avoid being defensive. Listen to their advice and put it into practice.

Vary Your Activities

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There are many different activities you can do with your mentor!

Try mixing it up by:

  • shadowing them at work

  • attending a conference together

  • reviewing your goals

  • practicing your skills and asking for feedback

  • polishing your resume

Express Gratitude

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Everyone likes to feel appreciated. This includes your mentor! Express your gratitude on a regular basis. A simple, "Thank you for all your help," goes a long way.


Jan helped Sam review her resume. Which would be the most appropriate way for Sam to show their appreciation?

Write a thank you note to Jan

Take Jan out to dinner

Buy Jan tickets to his favorite band

Bring Jan coffee for the next month


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Make the most out of your relationship with your mentor! Commit to:


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