You've been told you need to moderate an online meeting but you have no idea where to start.


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What does that mean?

Basically, you get to be the boss of the meeting. You make sure it stays on track and runs smoothly.

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Learn how to take control and moderate the session for successful a meeting!

Step 1: Plan your meeting

Write an agenda.

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  • This will help keep your meeting on track.

  • Share it out in advance to make sure attendees are in the know.


📌 Items or topics that'll be discussed

📢 Who'll be speaking

⏳ How long each item should last

☕ Time for any breaks

Mind map stating what to include in an agenda: speakers, breaks, timings, items

Need more help writing your agenda?

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Step 2: Figure out the technology

Choose the right technology. Flaticon Icon

  • Make sure the technology you choose complements your meeting.


💼 Does your employer or educator recommend a platform?

✅ How easy is it to use?

💰 Are there any extra costs?

💻 Does it have the functionality you need? E.g. screen sharing

Mind map exploring how to choose the right technology: costs, ease of use, recommendations, functionality.

Need more help?

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Step 3: Get familiar with the technology

Become a pro at tech support! Flaticon Icon

You may need to support participants with any tech issues.

Get comfortable with the technology and figure out answers to common questions.

How do I ...

➡️ Join the meeting? Can I join by phone?

🎤 Set up my devices and make sure my microphone and camera work?

🖥️ Share my screen and other content?

🔇 Mute myself? Can I mute others?

✋ Raise my virtual hand?

💬 Use the chat?

Mind map outling technical questions you may need to answer: chat use, sharing, device setup, joining, raising hands, muting

⚡Knowledge Check!

Jordon finds his company's online meeting platform hard to use.

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What options could he explore to get more comfortable with the technology?

Step 4: Start your meeting

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Be early!

  • Join 5 minutes early to test that everything is working. Introduce yourself to participants and let them know when you'll start.

Control it.

  • Make sure you're in control of your meeting. Consider laying out some ground rules.

Tell participants:

👍 That you'll be moderating the meeting

📹 If the meeting will be recorded

🔇 To mute themselves if they're not talking

🙋‍♂️ How they should ask questions (e.g. use the chat or raise their hand)

Mind map stating what you need to tell participants in your meeting: recording, asking questions, who you are, using mute

Step 5: During the meeting

⏰ Keep track of the time.

  • Give speakers a gentle reminder if they're running out of time.

👉 Post a message in the chat, or interrupt them at a suitable point.

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💬 Keep an eye on the chat.

  • Answer any technical questions. After each item, tell the speaker if there are any questions they need to answer in the chat.

👉 If you run out of time, ask speakers to answer any unanswered questions after the meeting.

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🙂 Stay calm!

  • Don't worry if things go wrong. Keep communicating and don't be afraid to take control if you need to.

👉 Follow up after the meeting if needed.

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