Lines are everywhere!

Without parallel and perpendicular lines, we wouldn't have the shapes that make up everyday life.

But what exactly is the difference between perpendicular and parallel lines?

Animation of a man saying ‘no idea’

👉 Time to find out!

Parallel Lines

These are lines that never touch and are equidistant from each other.

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory spraying deodorizer and explaining that parallel lines stay apart and never touch

They can be straight or curved.

Straight parallel lines

Two black straight parallel lines

Curved parallel lines

Three black curved parallel lines

⭐ Spot the parallel lines

Look at these real life examples:


Which picture is an example of parallel lines?

Perpendicular Lines

These are lines that cross over with each other at right angles.

Man pointing to his temple. Text: Perpendicular lines always cross at right angles

The two lines intersect each other at a right angle (or 90°).

Two lines intersecting at a right angle. The right angle is shown by a red box

⭐ Spot the perpendicular lines

Look at these objects:


Which picture is an example of perpendicular lines?

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Animation of lines on a road


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