A big city girl used to the vibrant and bustling urban life woke up one fine morning and decided to move to a small town.

It might sound ridiculous, but that's exactly what happened to me. From my experience, I can offer some remarkable insights about transitioning from a big city to a small town.

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Motivation to move

Growing up in a big city was nice. I never had to move for any reason, whether choosing a college or finding a job. The busy life, traffic, and great restaurants nearby were all normal. But after having a baby and facing an ongoing recession, I wanted more comfort. This led to the decision to move to a small town.

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Based on my experience, I can share my thoughts on this significant decision, but first, it's essential to understand what you value at this stage in your life and the decisions you'll need to fulfill those values.

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All you need is a plan

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Before making your move, you need a solid plan. You might face culture shock if you're used to the big city. Do some groundwork first. Here are some tips from my experience that I found helpful:

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1. Do research

Feeling overwhelmed by "research"? Don't worry. You don't need to be an academic — but prep for your move with YouTube videos, travel or personal vlogs, and online articles on that location. You could get an idea of what life is really like there.

I followed these online resources and got the best results. I followed the Cup of Jo blog for the genuine experience of people who moved from big city to small town.

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2. Make an in-person visit

If possible, plan a physical visit to your desired location, as things can often look different in reality than they do on paper. You'll be able to explore the neighborhood and solidify your choice.

Before moving, I gave a tour of my town. My husband had a seminar nearby, and I didn't miss that chance! I observed the community, parks, shopping malls, small boutique shops, and the grocery store, too.

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3. Estimate the cost of living

Moving to a small town is often prompted by lower living costs than big cities. Yet, realities can differ. It's wise to assess factors like the job market, household income, gas prices, and rental rates.


Jen was brought up in Boston. After getting remote work, she's considering moving to Montana for a quiet life. Now she is puzzled: how should she start her preparation? Select all answers that will help her prepare:

Some difficulties you might face

Small towns offer comfortable, simple lifestyles. However, when you move from a big city, you might face some difficulties there, as I did. Everyone knows that a small town has limited resources, but it might be heavy on you in practice.

I'm a fan of Mexican food, but in my town, I have to drive one and a half hours to have a bite of tacos! I also have to make a weekend plan to go to the mall to buy brand goods. But that's how life is here.

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I know it's tough to leave the opportunities of the big city, but if you take my word for it, nothing is impossible to get a soothing life. You must believe in yourself, take a deep breath, and dive into it!

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Nothing is more important than comfort

Others may raise their brows at your decision, but it's a matter of comfort. Small-town living is worthwhile for peace and comfort.

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Let's see what's waiting for you there!

  • Living in a bigger spaceis one of the most significant advantages of a small town. Families can enjoy greater comfort, whether it's a rental apartment or house, and children can play more freely.

  • The strong sense of community you can get. In a big city, it might seem rare to know your next-door neighbor, but in a small, cozy community, you can count on all sorts of assistance from neighbors.

  • The slower pace of life and reduced traffic and pollution can give you a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that public transport is limited so having your own car is essential, but ample parking is available everywhere.

It will be overwhelming at the beginning, but with time and effort, you'll become more connected to the way of life. Despite its limitations, once you become acquainted with your surroundings and make friends, this small place will offer you unparalleled happiness.

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Take Action

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It's a big move to step into a small town from a big city. But leaving your comfort zone and embarking on a new journey is always beautiful if you have the proper planning and a positive mindset.

Do the proper groundwork to prepare for your move:


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