Your best friend just texted to tell you they're all moved into their first apartment. You're very excited for them and can't wait to check out the new place!

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Wait...isn't it customary to give a gift when someone moves?

What type of gift should you give? When do you give the gift?

What's the time frame for giving a housewarming gift?

Gifts are usually given within the first six months of the move-in date.

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If there's a housewarming party, bring the gift to the event.

If there's no party, bring the gift when you visit the new place for the first time.

Questions to Consider:

What's your friend's personal style?

What's your budget?

What items does your friend need?

Is there a particular part of the home you should focus on (kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom)?

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Feel free to reach out to your friend to see if there's something specific they might like.

Proceed with Caution...

Personalized gifts are great — but remember you're buying for your friend and not you!

Avoid buying art, unless you 100% know your friend will appreciate it.

Furniture can be expensive and may not suit your friend's personal style.

When in doubt give your friend the gift receipt!

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What are some common housewarming gifts?

Here is a list of popular housewarming gifts, but don't forget to keep your friend's interests and needs in mind!

  • Houseplants

  • Candles

  • Personalized gifts (keychain, doormat, address stamp, coasters, hand towels)

  • Hand soap gift set

  • Blankets

  • Picture frames

  • Gourmet salts or olive oils

  • Homemade baked goods

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Knowledge Check

Flaticon Icon Marcus has been invited to his friend Jazmine's housewarming party. He knows that Jazmine enjoys green spaces, but doesn't have access to a yard or garden.

She has all of the home essentials for her kitchen and bathroom. She also has allergies which make her sensitive to many scents.

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Which of the following gifts should Marcus consider giving her?

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Are you ready to celebrate your friend's housewarming?

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