Ever been in an awkward situation where you have forgotten someone's name? A girl looking confused

Don't worry, we've all been there!

What's the etiquette when you find yourself in this situation?

Take A Deep Breath

Johnny from Schitt's Creek saying,

Reintroduce Yourself

When you introduce yourself, it's natural for the other person or people to introduce themselves with their own name. Use this as an opportunity to reintroduce yourself. Eminem saying,

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TIP: Make sure to extend your hand to shake the other person's hand and be sure to maintain eye contact!

If At First You Don't Succeed...

If reintroducing yourself doesn't trigger a response with their name from them, kindly ask them to tell you their name. A man saying,

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TIP: Don't make a big deal or excuses about forgetting their name. You want to move on from this stage and continue the conversation.

Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

Once they have shared their name, make sure you say it back so that it's stored in your memory. This also gives others the opportunity to correct you if you pronounced or misheard their name.

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TIP 1: You don't have to only repeat their name once. Try using their name often during conversation.

TIP 2: If your name is uncommon like the other person's, let them know that you can relate to having the need to repeat it when introducing yourself.

Quiz Time

The people below have all had trouble remembering someone's name. Here is how each of them approach the situation:

Flaticon Icon A. Do you mind repeating your name, as I don't want to mispronounce it?

Flaticon Icon C. It's nice to meet you, Adrienne! I'm Wendy!

Flaticon Icon B. Thank you, Moses! So happy that you came back to another meeting.

Flaticon Icon D. Welcome back! Can you remind me of your name? I'm afraid I've forgotten.


Which of these responses help you remember or ask for a person's name? Select all that apply:

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