Is a course you're taking not going how you hoped it would?

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Your first thought might be to drop the course, but this isn't always the best option.

Don't worry! There are ways for you to improve your experience and still complete the course.

Before you drop it...

Before dropping the course,be sure to consider that this decision could impact:

  • Your student loan status. One less course might mean you're now a part-time student instead of a full-time student.

  • Your academic progress. If the course is a prerequisite for a course you want to take next semester, you could lag behind.

  • Your finances. You won't get all of your money back unless you dropped it by a certain deadline.

  • Your official transcript. The course will still appear on your transcript unless you dropped it by the deadline.

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When is dropping the course the best option?

If any of the following apply, dropping the course may be the best option.

  • The course isn't required for your major.

  • You can retake the course in another semester.

  • You want to decrease your course load for the semester.

  • You think you may fail the course.

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If you're stuck in the course...

You may as well make the most of it! Here are some ways you can improve your experience in the course.

Flaticon Icon Make an effort to attend class

Skipping classes will only cause you to fall behind, making your experience in the course even worse!

Flaticon Icon Stay on top of classwork

The more you engage with the subject matter, the more likely you'll be to find it interesting.

Flaticon Icon Talk to the professor about the areas where you're struggling

If you're feeling nervous about approaching your professor, check out this Byte.

Flaticon Icon Try to make friends in the class

Even if these friends aren't people you can study with, they'll at least make coming to class more enjoyable.

Flaticon Icon Look for alternative resources to help you learn the subject matter

  • YouTube videos

  • Books

  • Tutoring

If you still don't like the course...

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  • Just try to push through! If you've already established that dropping the course doesn't make the most sense for you, give the course your best effort.

  • Book an appointment with an academic counsellor. They may be able to tell you about additional options and resources that can help.

  • Think about changing your major. If the course is a required course for your major, your disinterest or struggles with the subject matter might indicate that there is a more suitable major out there for you.

Take Action

Practically all students end up in a course they don't like at some point during their academic journey. If you end up in this situation:

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