Using digital platforms at school is...

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Students use digital technology to do research, complete assignments, connect with people, create content, and share their ideas.

Do you know your digital rights and responsibilities as a student when using education technologies?

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As a student, it's important that you know your digital rights and responsibilities so you can use digital technologies responsibly and benefit from them while respecting others!

Your Digital Rights

Digital rights are linked to your privacy, access to, and creation of digital media, and use of digital technology and networks.

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What are some of your digital rights as a student?

Student Data - Cloud Icon Privacy and data protection

  • Educational institutions and technology companies collect students' data. You should be informed why and how they collect your data.

  • You have the right to ask for your data to be deleted from a platform.

Digital Technology Icon Access to digital technology

  • You have the right to access electronic devices and digital resources.

  • You need to have the possibility to access alternative learning options if you don't have access to digital technology.

Online Posts and Reactions Icon Freedom to share ideas and content

  • You have the right to express your ideas in digital spaces, and create and share digital content.

Straight path through a maze Icon Understandable information

  • You have the right to access information about terms of service and privacy policy statements for technology in age-approppriate language.

Do You Know Your Rights? ⚡

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Test Your Knowledge

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Meet Grace. She is an international student in Canada and has just begun college. The college requires students to use digital textbooks and other platforms to complete their work and bring their laptops to class. Grace should be able to:

A. Ask the college for a rental laptop in case she doesn't have one.

B. Demand money from the college to buy a laptop or tablet.

C. Ask the college to delete her data from the digital learning platforms used by the school when she finishes her time in college.

D. Receive information on how the college will use her data.


What kind of help can Grace receive from the college? Select all the answers that apply.

Your Digital Responsibilities

Digital responsibilities are the things you need to consider when you use digital technology without harming others.

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What are some of your digital responsibilities as a student?

Keyboard and symbols for rude language Icon Be mindful of your language

  • Avoid using inappropriate slang and offensive language.

  • Follow netiquette guidelines to communicate with other students and educators.

Privacy-safety Icon Respect the privacy of other users

  • Ask for permission before sharing others' personal information and media content.

Copyright Warning Icon Respect copyright laws

  • Follow copyright laws and give credit to the content created by other authors when you use it.

  • Report inappropriate use of digital resources.

Report Icon Report online bullying

What Have You Learned? ⚡

Test Your Knowledge⚡

Grace Icon

Grace has volunteered to run the social media channel for the student newspaper at her college. She will share news, reports on college events, and students' accomplishments. To run this channel, Grace needs to:

A. Check the privacy settings of the social media account to protect the information that will be published.

B. Ask for students' permission to use their information and media content before posting it.

C. Credit her sources when she uses content created by other people.

D. Manage students' posts so there is no offensive language and rude behaviour among students.


What would you recommend Grace doing? Select all the answers that apply.

Take Action

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Be confident and responsible when using digital technology at school!

Remember to uphold your digital rights and responsibilities as a student so that you and your school community can benefit from a great online learning experience.


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