The Internet and social media provide new avenues for both self-promotion and malicious attacks. Even if you aren’t a celebrity or a politician, your online reputation is important and can be easily damaged.

But the truth is that a positive online reputation can make the difference between your personal and professional success.

A poor digital reputation can stop you from getting hired for a job. Or embarrassing content can cause issues with your family.

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Whatever the case may be, taking steps to protect your digital reputation is extremely important.

Apply these tips to protect your digital reputation.

Make It a Priority

Look at your online presence as a second self, the one you want everyone to know rather than your real self. Just as you might act differently in the workplace than when you're relaxing with friends, it’s time to separate your online reputation from the real you.

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Assess Potential Threats

A comment on a blog post with spelling mistakes and insults won't be respected by others. So, a comment like this won't damage your reputation very much and isn’t worth reacting to. In fact, you could end up making the problem worse if you respond.

But, a post by someone who is well known, has lots of followers, and is written thoughtfully, can hurt your reputation much more.

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What's an indicator that a negative comment isn't a threat to your digital identity?

Don't Post Sensitive Information

Sensitive information doesn’t belong on a smartphone or a computer that ever hooks up to the internet. Sensitive information may include personal photos, messages, or banking information.

As soon as sensitive information is put online, it may be stolen by others. You may not even be aware of if your data is compromised.

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Take Action

When you protect your digital reputation, it can become a strength. When you are interviewing for a new job or trying to find new opportunities, others will be impressed with your online presence, and will be more interested in meeting the real you.

Take a few minutes today and do a google search of your name. What comes up? Is there anything attached to your digital reputation today that might be harmful?

If so, you have an opportunity to apply these steps and better protect yourself online.


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