Questioning your digital rights and responsibilities? Do you have an idea or opinion you want to share with others through social media or other technology?

Tread lightly and think about what you post, before you post. You have rights and responsibilities concerning what you post online.

digital rights and responsibilities A right is something you are allowed to do.

digital rights and responsibilities A responsibility is something you have to (or should) do.

Know Your Digital Rights and Responsibilities

digital rights and responsibilities

You have the right to:

  • Access computers and other electronic devices

  • Access and use digital content

  • Create and share digital media

  • Keep personal privacy in digital communities

  • Express ideas and opinions freely

  • Report anything that is seen as inappropriate

Your responsibilities include:

  • Use appropriate language when interacting with others

  • Respect the opinions and ideas of others

  • Obey all intellectual property laws of media and copyright

  • Not to share others' works without permission

  • Follow the rules and conduct within every site or digital community on the internet

  • Report cyberbullying, threats, and inappropriate use of digital resources

The 3 Principles Of Digital Citizenship

Mark Ribble, the author of Digital Citizenship in Schools, Nine Elements All Students Should Know, developed three principles to guide users in using technology responsibly. Each principle contains 3 of the nine elements of digital citizenship.

The three principles are:

Flaticon Icon Respect: elements of etiquette, access, and law are used to respect other digital users

Flaticon Icon Educate: elements of literacy, communication, and commerce are used to learn about the world

Flaticon Icon Protect: the rights and responsibilities, security, and the health and wellness to keep users safe in the digital and non-digital world

The Elements Of Digital Citizenship

Nine elements relate to the 3 Principals of Citizenship


You joined an online community with similar interests as your own. Your digital rights do not include:

Take Action

Byte Author Uploaded Image Do you know your digital rights and responsibilities now?

Are you being digitally responsible?

The next time you post on a social media platform, check to see if your behaviour falls within the etiquette guidelines for that platform.


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