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  • Do you want to go out?

  • Can I have some of your cake?

  • Can you do this work right now?

  • Would you like to see a movie?

  • Would you like something to drink?

You want to say NO

Say No

The best and most effective way to show you disagree is to say NO

  • There is no confusion people will understand

    • If someone ignores you after you say NO, they are choosing to make you uncomfortable.

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Politely Say No

Be strong, clear, and confident:

  • No, thank you

  • No, I am not interested.

  • No, I disagree

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Less clear ways to say NO:

  • I would prefer not

  • This is not a good idea

  • I do not agree

  • I think maybe not

  • I am not sure

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Including an explanation might make the person you are saying NO to understand you better.


Can you give me you personal information and all your money? What answer is most clear?

Suggest Alternatives

It is still best to say NO but making recommendations might make it a little better:

Lenny wants you to join their book club. You do not want to.

  • Suggest to Lenny they can get new members by creating a Facebook group

  • Maybe you don't like reading and would like a movie club instead

  • If you know someone who would like to join, offer to introduce them

  • If you are busy now, explain you might want to join in the future

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Body Language

Say NO but make you body language match

  • Take a step back

  • Say NO with hand gestures

  • Shake your head to say NO

  • Use facial expressions to say NO

  • Be serious or stern

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What body language should you use while saying no?

Take Action

The best way is to Clearly say NO


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