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Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Are you interested in changing careers? Do you just want to know what career you might best be suited for?

If one of these is you, take a career quiz for free! It might help you answer your question and won't cost a cent.

What a Career Quiz Is...and Isn't!

Question marks floating in space A career quiz is...

...a series of questions that may help you determine what career paths or interests you have, especially if you're unsure about what job you want to do.

Most career quizzes ask questions based on outstanding features of various jobs. Just as an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test measures cognitive abilities, a career quiz measures your workplace personality and offers best suited careers.

A career quiz isn't...

...a predictor of what career you'll thrive in. These quizzes are based solely on your input, which can be influenced by physical, mental, or emotional factors.


A career quiz may (select all that apply):

Top Rated Career Quizzes

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A Google search of "career quizzes" will turn up a long list of possibilities. After trying a few, I found the quizzes below to be my top picks among the highest-rated.

All of these quizzes are free, but some may also have a paid option to explore.

Flaticon Icon Career Fitter

Tap into the characteristics of your work personality. Career Fitter taps into your energy, perception, decision making style, and planning style to determine your work characteristics.

Flaticon Icon My Next Move

Answer a series of questions about the type of work you'd most enjoy. My Next Move takes your answers and provides work areas for you to explore.

Flaticon Icon 16 Personalities

Know your personality to find a career that will best fit with your work style, behavior, and principles. You'll be ranked under one of the 16 personality types and shown best fitting careers.

Flaticon Icon Which Career is Right for Me?

Rate a list of skills, interests, work styles, and values to get a list of careers. You'll be able to explore the career, its qualifications, and any job listings.

Flaticon Icon 123 Test

Check your favorite and least favorite work picture in this career quiz. You'll be given a list with a percentage match to potential career options.

How to Use Your Quiz Results for Job Hunting

Flaticon Icon

Use your career quiz results to...

  1. Do some self-reflection and find your strengths, weaknesses, skills, and interests.

  2. Explore job roles and qualifications related to your results.

  3. Contact relevant hiring managers and recruiters to learn what skills or education are needed.

  4. Network with professionals or mentors with related careers and skills.

  5. Upskill when needed and further your education to enter your career choice.

  6. Tailor your resume to emphasize your strengths, skills, and interests.

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