Did you know that only 25% of resumes actually get looked at by a human? The rest get screened by Applicant Tracking Software. 🙄

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So how can you cut through the noise and get noticed by your dream company? 🥁 TikTok resumes!

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What Are TikTok Resumes?

  • A 60 second TikTok video that features you and what you can offer an employer

  • Basically the 2021, upgraded version of a paper resume

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The trend has been gaining momentum during COVID, with success stories like...

  • Benji Bozemer getting hired as a data analyst after just two days of posting 🎉

  • Ffion Clark getting hired by a podcast company when the CEO saw her post 🥳

Why Does It Work?

  • 🎨 It leads with your skills. No matter what kind of creator you are, you have a chance to lead by showing what you can do.

  • ⏱️ It's quick. You can cut to show a ton of different projects in a minute (instead of taking paragraphs in your cover letter to communicate the same thing).

  • 💫 It shows your personality. Work is way more fun when you work with good people. While skills come first, being authentic makes you way more attractive as a candidate.

  • 🧠 It's memorable. Viewers remember 95% of a message they see in video form, compared to 10% when reading.

Employers Are Starting To Recruit From TikTok

  • HBO made an open call on TikTok for a summer internship and hired @pxrxvi after seeing her TikTok

  • Hollister Co made an open call for applicants to ditch the paper and submit TikTok resumes

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For the same reasons that you'd want to create a TikTok resume!

  • They get to know applicants faster than sifting through resumes

  • It's the fastest way to see your drive, attitude, and skills

But It's Not For Every Field

TikTok resumes are a great way to get noticed by innovative companies and departments, especially if they focus on:

  • tech

  • content production or marketing

  • targeting gen z consumers

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😬 TikTok resumes will be less likely to win over more old-school, conservative companies (or departments) like:

  • banks and insurance companies

  • law firms

  • risk and compliance departments

Elle woods in a pool saying she can recall details


Which of these would be a good target for a TikTok resume?

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