Did you know you can train dogs, horses and even marine mammals?

But what will being an animal trainer involve?

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How Can You Contribute To Society As An Animal Trainer?

Trainers help out by coaching animals like dogs (even horses, whales and dolphins!) to:

  • Interact with their families as their pet.

  • Provide assistance to people with disabilities as service animals.

  • Provide emotional support to people as ESAs (Emotional Support Animals) or therapy animals.

  • Be a part of edutainment shows for children and adults.

  • Be a part of campaigns to raise awareness or funds for noble causes.

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What Will You Do On A Daily Basis?

Animal trainers are usually responsible for:

  • Helping animals interact with humans through their gestures and voice

  • Teaching animals new behaviours

  • Taking care of them

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Where Can You Work?

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  • The first places are institutions and organizations dedicated to training animals.

  • Aquariums, theme parks, zoos, and other places where animals are part of exhibitions and shows.

  • Animal shelters and animal rescue organizations.

  • Associations where service animals assist people with disabilities

  • You can start your own business, training people’s pets for their personal interest or for more formal events like competitions.

You Will Love This Job If You value...

  • Independence: work on your own and make decisions.

  • Relationships: contribute to others and work with them in a friendly environment.

  • Achievement: apply your strongest skills in this result-oriented job.

  • Interactive Participation: engage in hands-on, practical tasks.

  • Outdoor work: enjoy the great outdoors while on the job.

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Who Would Be The Ideal Animal Trainer?


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  • Outgoing and goes the extra mile to help others.

  • Innovative and loves to try out new things.

  • Has experience with dog walking.


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  • Loves learning about animals from books and documentaries.

  • Enjoys designing presentations over actually presenting them.

  • Has had many pets over the years.


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  • Loves identifying problems and finding solutions for them.

  • Possesses knowledge of plants and animals and their interactions with the environment.

  • A kind but shy soul.


It sounds like Animal Trainer could be the right career path for...

Look For A Different Option if...

  • You don’t want to take care of animals, including cleaning after them and keeping facilities neat.

  • You don’t enjoy talking in public and communicating with people outside your job.

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How Much Would It Pay You?

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The average pay in the US is $30,430 /year.

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The average pay in Canada is $39,251 /year

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