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What is a database manager? What do they do? Is it the right path for me?

What Is A Database Manager?

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A database manager's duties include tasks like:

• Developing and maintaining organizations' databases

• Creating data storage and retrieval systems

• Troubleshooting database issues

• Implementing database recovery procedures and safety protocols

• Supervising the daily activities of database teams

What Is A Day Of A Database Manager Like?

A day of a database manager might look like this:

9:00am: Maintain database results by setting and enforcing standards and controls

9:30am: Train and manage junior staff in your team

10:30am: Set up and test new database and data handling systems

12pm: Lunch break

1pm: Develop protocols for data processing

1:30pm: Meetings with the team

2:30pm: Afternoon coffee

3:00pm: Complete information systems and organize results

4:00pm: Design and prepare reports for management

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What is a database manager the least likely to do in a workday?

What Skills Does A Database Manager Need?

skills juggling GIF by sabpacheco A database manager should have:

  • Strong analytical and organizational skills

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Understanding of SQL

  • Extensive knowledge of database architecture

But Will It Pay The Bills?

Flaticon Icon The average salary of a database manager in the United States (in USD) is $89,930 and the top 10% earn up to $132,420. The average hourly rate is $43.24.

You'll Love It If You...

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• Like to edit or tweak a plan and build up from units

• Like to be in charge of goal-setting

• Like to work with numbers, charts, and tables


Which person might not have much fun being a database manager?

You'll Hate It If You ...

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• Don't like numbers, graphs and analytical tools

• Don't like dealing with computers, software, and formulations

• Prefer working independently

• Don't feel comfortable leading a team or negotiating

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If it sounds like a database manager could be a good path for you:


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