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Did you know a therapist can learn a lot about a couple in the first session? For example:

  • If someone in the relationship is a bully

  • If the third parties are more than "just friends"

  • If one party is lying

If you'd like to help couples solve their relationship struggles, this could be the right career for you!

What does a couples therapist do?

A couples therapist helps adult couples who are struggling to get along. They facilitate better communication, listening, and understanding between both parties and assist them in finding solutions to their problems.

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A day in the life of a couple therapist

  1. Meet with clients, listen, ask questions, provide guidance & support

  2. Conduct assessments to understand couple's relationship, history & goals

  3. Develop treatment plans with goals & strategies for therapy

  4. Write reports & notes to document progress & important details

  5. Attend professional development events to stay current

  6. Handle administrative tasks, such as scheduling, answering emails & calls, and billing insurance

Man holding notebook and saying,

Man writing in his notebook and saying,


Which of the following is part of a couples therapist's job?

Where can you work as a couple therapist?

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Private Practice (in office or online)

  • on your own or as part of a group practice

An icon of university or college

Universities or Colleges

  • offering services to students, faculty, and staff

An icon of a hospital

Therapy Department in a Hospital

  • providing couples therapy as part of their mental health services

An icon of a clinic

Counseling Centers

  • such as community mental health clinics

An icon of government

Government Agencies

  • such as the Veterans Administration

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Nonprofit Organizations

  • such as domestic violence shelters

How much will you make?

Income varies depending on various factors such as level of education, experience, location, type of practice, and demand.

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The median average salary for marriage and family therapists (which includes couples therapists) is $52,124 CAD and $49,880 USD.

Is this job for you?

You should consider being a couple therapist if you:

  • enjoy helping others

  • have strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • have empathy, patience, and an ability to remain calm under pressure

  • have an interest in psychology, therapy, and human relationships

An icon of thumb up Why might someone love the job?

  • Positive impact

  • Opportunity for specialization

  • Earning potential

  • Job opportunities

  • Career progression

An icon of thumb down Why might someone hate the job?

  • Emotional toll

  • Challenging work

  • Educational requirements

  • Nontraditional work hours or settings

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If it sounds like a career as a couples therapist might be the right path for you, take these next steps to get started:


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