Are you a good communicator with great interpersonal skills? Do you have sound judgment and decision-making skills? Are you good at problem-solving?

If yes, then you might be right for the role of a compliance officer!

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Who Is A Compliance Officer?

A compliance officer:

  • is an employee of a company

  • ensures that the company follows its policies, procedures, and legal requirements within the relevant industry's regulatory framework, both internally and externally

  • conducts risk assessments and suggests solutions accordingly

    A graphic of a compliance officer's duties: laws, rules, regulations, standards, policies, audit

What Are The Typical Responsibilities Of A Compliance Officer?

A compliance officer wears many hats!

Many hats

As a compliance officer you might:

  • develop & implement compliance policies

  • review policy documents

  • conduct risk assessments & compliance audits

  • administer staff training

  • communicate with all stakeholders regularly

  • prepares strategies & proactively provide solutions to improve company productivity

The video below summarizes a typical day for a compliance officer at an airport:


A compliance officer works with:

Who Can Become A Compliance Officer?

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You'll be good at this role if your strengths include:

  • paying attention to detail

  • ability to analyze

  • interpretation skills

  • communication skills

  • interpersonal skills

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If you tend to make snap judgments or lose patience easily, then this career path may not be the right one for you.

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Four applicants were invited for the compliance officer job interview. One of the questions asked was, "What kind of mindset should a compliance officer have?" 

Flaticon Icon Jasmine: Capability to assess risk

Flaticon Icon Dominic: Creativity

Flaticon Icon Lorenzo: Attention to detail

Flaticon Icon Munira: Good interpersonal skills


If you were the interviewer, whom would you choose for this role?

Educational Qualifications And Certifications

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Educational Qualification

  • Bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, or law

  • In some cases, an industry-specific undergrad degree might be required

  • Some organizations need Master's degrees or professional qualifications like Chartered Accountant


  • Each industry has its own requirements

  • It could be standardized testing, work experience, hands-on training, or specific provincial/state-regulated testing

  • In Canada, financial institutions require a professional certification offered by Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)

So...How Much Money Will I Make?

How much money will I earn?

Flaticon Icon A compliance officer in Canada earns an average salary of $64,987 (CAD) in a year.

Flaticon Icon A compliance officer in the United States earns an average salary of $61,728 (US) in a year.

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