Have you ever felt down on yourself? Unsure if you can overcome a challenge?

Maybe it's time to sit and reflect on how you've already overcome so much!

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Think About A Difficult Time

Think about when you had a difficult time — what happened?

How did you feel when this happened?

Write the answers as facts, not complaints.

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Kyle was bullied as a kid. What's one way he could reframe this fact about his past?

Ask, "What Did I Do Then?"

How did you take control of the situation? Did you act decisively? Did you reach out for help?

Give yourself credit for the actions you took.

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What are some ways that Kyle (who was bullied) might have taken action?

Ask, "What Did I Learn?"

What did you learn from that difficult experience? What would you tell other people who are going through something similar?

What advice could you give them?

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Ask, "How Can I Apply That Now?"

Now, think about your current struggle. Is there anything you can apply?

Tell yourself, "I've already been through ____, I can get through ____."

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Take Action

A man saying, Identifying experiences when you overcame adversity will help you reframe your past, and find the strength to overcome new challenges.

Take these steps to identify times when you overcame adversity:


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