Since Rumie's microlesson library of Bytes was launched after the pandemic began, we've reached over 1 million learners!

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That's right! In just two short years, more than a million people around the world have come to Rumie to learn new skills to help improve their lives.

But this is only just the beginning...

More and more people are using Rumie to improve their personal and professional lives. We've got our sights set even higher: we want to double that number to 2 million by the end of 2023!

How did we get here?

A brain storm

Rumie started with an idea: to bring free digital learning to underserved communities.

The communities with the most to gain from the free digital learning revolution online are the ones that are the least likely to access it; this seems like a problem worth solving.

-- Tariq Fancy, Rumie's founder and CEO

How did we grow this idea into a meaningful learning tool?

Here's a timeline of Rumie's evolution:

Flaticon Icon 2014

  • We brought tablets loaded with lessons to school kids around the world — from Syrian refugee camps to Guatemalan villages.

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  • We developed a new online learning platform to help organizations around the world offer learning resources to communities in need.

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  • We teamed up with local organizations in Afghanistan to empower women and girls.

Flaticon Icon 2019

  • We embraced microlearning, a new and engaging way to gain critical knowledge and skills in short bursts using a digital device.


  • We launched our Byte library of microlessons to help learners around the world learn valuable life skills, 6 minutes at a time.

How do Bytes help Rumie learners?

We meet learners where they are, in their moment of need.

Rumie's learners represent a wide range of cultural, economic, and educational backgrounds. Many are from underserved communities around the world that lack access to reliable and up-to-date learning resources.

They're clear about when and how they want information. Using today’s computer of choice, the smartphone, our learners recognize Rumie’s microlesson benefits.

Third-party studies show that microlearning has 22% better results than traditional learning formats like long textbooks, lectures, and slide presentations.

Rumie is their trusted source to deliver the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the new normal.

How is Rumie different from other learning platforms?

An infographic that reads:

Bytes are built for the TikTok Generation.

  • They include memes, animated GIFs, TikToks, short quizzes, and other interactive elements that keep the learning engaging and accessible.

  • They're optimized for mobile devices so our audience can learn on the go, regardless of their technical capabilities.

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Our 2000+ Bytes cover:

Learners can also join our Discord server, a safe space for our audience to interact with and learn from each other.

What are people saying about Rumie?

Here's what our learners have to say 📣

Aaditya, 26, graduate student:

With Rumie, I have learned how to build my resume to make it easily presentable and sellable. My resume has improved a ton and I am already getting calls.

Tamina, Afghan learner:

Rumie helps me realize my strengths and weakness in terms of leadership and time management. I've learned some amazing new skills that have helped me in both my professional and personal life.

We've also won a few awards 🏆

How do we get to 2 million learners?

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Our learning audience is growing exponentially because we're giving communities what they need!

Underserved communities are finding Bytes organically through social media and search engines — without advertising.

We're also partnering with more and more on-the-ground organizations like LEARN Afghanistan and Aurat Raaj to support the needs of specific communities.

It just proves that there's a want and need for what Rumie does. But we need your help to get there!

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We're on the road to raising $1 million for 1 million new learners!

What can you do to support Rumie's mission to bring free learning to all?


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