Have you ever said something in anger, and then regretted it?

Anger is normal, and it can be a driving force to help you take action when it's important.

But sometimes, responding to a situation with anger can create more conflict, alienate those around you, or even ruin your reputation.

So how can you manage anger effectively?

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Take A Time-Out

Remove yourself from the situation that's making you angry.

A simple, "I need to step outside for a minute" is all you need to excuse yourself. You can return later feeling calmer and more ready to deal with conflict.

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What are some ways to excuse yourself from a situation that is making you angry?

Count To 10

If walking out of the room isn't an option, you can give yourself more time to think about your response.

Try counting backwards from 10 before you respond.

While you're counting, make sure to keep breathing!

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Control Your Breathing

When we become angry, our breath and heart rate speed up. If you notice your breath has gotten faster, try counting with each breath.

Breathe in for four counts, and then out for four counts.

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Take Action

It's normal to feel angry from time to time. But by using these strategies, we can all have healthier, more positive, and more productive relationships.

What strategy will you try to help you manage your anger?


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