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This Byte was created by people with experience as youth in the child welfare system in Canada.

This Byte is here to help youth in and from care go from surviving to thriving with helpful ideas and resources.

Life isn't easy! But supportive relationships will help.

We all have a diverse set of needs. Everyone has their own unique perspective — including you!

A lot of us are going through difficulties. Having the right people to guide us through these difficult times can boost our chances of success in life.

Having no support system: No support system.

Having a strong support system: Having a support system

Who should be in your support system?

Support doesn't have to be about mental health alone.

Support can be about building a team who helps you reach your goals.

Did LeBron James make it to the top by himself? No! He had a support system along the way.

Lebron James jumping up and down with his teammates.

How do we build our roster of champions?

  1. Identify helpful supporters that are healthy and mutually uplifting.

  2. Build multiple circles of support.

  3. Follow your passions to connect with others.

A women's soccer team holding up a trophy


Who can you add to your support network?

How do you make a support system?

Find what works for you! Remember, your support network is yours and no one else's. It doesn't need to fit a cookie-cutter mold.

It's good to have a hype person! You want to find people who encourage you to follow your passions! Take note of those who are honest, empathetic, and who are supportive of your dreams.

A woman tells her friend,

It also helps to have people who aren't afraid to tell you things like, "Maybe you shouldn't go to that party. You have an exam tomorrow morning."

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Who should I keep away from?

A person says,

If you see these warning signs in people, you might not want to include them in your support network:

  • Undermining your accomplishments or difficulties

  • Overly judgemental of others

  • Upsetting someone who is already clearly struggling

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Take Action

Two women supporting a third. They tell her,

Build your support network today!


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