Rumie is a small organization with a mountain to climb. ⛰️

We've made it this far through the power of community. With our amazing supporters, volunteers, and partner organizations that believe that the world needs free learning without a hidden agenda, we're chipping away at our mission every day. 🧗🏽

If you share our mission of making free learning accessible to every human, then let's join forces!

Here are some ways for you to get involved. 👇

Champion #freelearning On Socials

In just one year we've launched and reached 150K+ learners. By sharing the word on your social media, you'll help us support 150 million learners with #freelearning.

Not sure what to post? Here are some examples to get you started...

I believe in #freelearning for all. With @rumielearn, everyone has access to 5 minute courses on the types of life and career skills it really takes to succeed. Check out - I dare you to be bored. 😛

I'm swapping out a few minutes of social media time each day with @rumielearn. Rumie makes #freelearning accessible to everyone through 5 minute courses on things that are RELEVANT. Check out and let me know what you learn about today. 💬


Which of these is a good place to share about #freelearning?

Let Your School Know About Rumie

Send an email to your principal, VP, head teacher, or a department head, to let them know you support integrating Rumie at school.

Sample email

Hello [their name],

I wanted to share a resource with you, It's a free library of life and career skill courses made by a tech non-profit dedicated to making learning accessible to all.

Each course (Byte) is less than 10 minutes long, is multimedia, and designed to be engaging and relevant for students. There's more than 1000 Bytes on topics from NFTs to how to decide what to do when you graduate.

I would love to see more Rumie Bytes included in our lessons. Here is a sample lesson plan for how we can get started.

Thank you,

[your name]

Get Your Workplace Involved

Rumie works with innovative corporate partners who want to put their philanthropic dollars to good use by creating impact that scales.

Reach out to our team to learn more about:

Employee engagement workshops

Take virtual volunteering to the next level with a fun workshop that empowers your team members to distil their insights into Bytes.

Sponsoring a community event

Help fund an event that allows Rumie to engage directly with learners in our community space, like a skill building session or problem solving event.

Collaborate As A Community Group

Do you work with an organization that engages with youth directly? Let's work together to amplify impact!

Learn how we can partner to:

  • support your programming

  • co-run events

  • facilitate virtual field trips


Unlike other free websites, Rumie doesn't sell any user data to advertisers. Our operations are funded by donors who share our mission of making learning accessible.

For as little as $200 you can support the creation of a new Rumie course that can change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. 


As an ambassador

If you're between the ages of 14 and 25, we'd love to connect directly with you to hear your feedback and ideas for how we can make Rumie more impactful for your community.

Our ambassador team builds experience in marketing, UX, and communication skills while meeting new people from around the world. 🌎

As a learning designer

If you want to put your instructional design and content creation skills to good use, join our learning design team! It's the best way to build an edtech portfolio and connect with others in the field.

Apply today or keep it more casual and participate in our community!

Take Action

Change happens at the margin - one step at a time. 👣

Can you help us take another baby step toward bringing #freelearning to everyone?

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