Do you spend hours planning learning activities?

Are you unsure about the best way to integrate technology into your lessons?

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You're in the right place! Follow these 3 steps to plan a lesson using microlearning to save time ✅ and increase your effectiveness ✅

This plan is for:

  • a 30-60 minute session

  • groups between 3-30 people

  • ages 10 and up

  • virtual or in person sessions

Step One: Pick A Byte

  • What skill are you trying to develop?

  • What challenges are your learners facing?

  • What interests them?

Chances are, there's a Byte for that!

Bytes are ~5 min elearning courses that focus on the practical application of a skill. They use memes, gifs, and quizzes to engage learners.

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➡️ Browse the categories on Rumie or enter key terms in the search bar.

➡️ Pick the Byte(s) you think your learners will best relate to.

Step Two: Share The Byte

There are two main approaches you can use to review the Byte with your learners.

  1. Share the link and ask them to review it before your session. 🔗 This is called a flipped classroom model.

  2. Read it through together in the session. 💬 Depending on the group size, either ask learners to take turns reading sections, or have them pair off and review the Byte together.

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Step Three: Discuss It

Spark conversation by asking questions like:

  • What did you find helpful?

  • What surprised you? 

  • Is there anything you can/will apply from the Byte to your life?

  • What else would you want to know about this topic/skill?

Add any other questions you have related to the specific content.


Which of these would be the best question to spark discussion?

Sample Lesson Plan

30 min session

  • Read Byte together (10 min)

  • Discuss learner thoughts, questions, and reactions (10 min)

  • Discuss what the next step is to put the learning into action (10 min)

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60 min session

  • Read Byte in pairs (10 min)

  • Pairs discuss their thoughts and make a list of any questions they have or additional things they would like to know about the topic (15 min)

  • Questions are shared and discussed among the whole group (20 min)

  • Discuss what the next step is to put the learning into action (10 min)

  • Final thoughts & wrap up (5 min)

Take Action

Bonus step: let us know how it goes!

  • Do you or your learners have ideas for new Bytes? Did you have a great session? Tell us in Discord.

  • Want to co-run a session with Rumie for your learners? Reach out over email.


Your feedback matters to us.

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