At least 50% of students will have a job during their post-secondary education.

Chances are that you'll have to balance being a full-time student with part-time work at some point and that's no easy task.

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No worries! Time management strategies will help you find your groove.

Use A Priority Matrix

You may be juggling a lot of things at the same time. Make sure to stay on top of your studies, part-time job, and have some time for yourself.

First, ask yourself it's:

  • Important

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  • Urgent

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Then use the time management matrix:

Important/urgent? Do first. Important/not urgent? Later. Not important/urgent? Delegate. Not important/not urgent? Eliminate.


Which of the following tasks is important and urgent?

Plan Ahead

More often than not, you can plan ahead for your week and even month.

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Some planning you can do right away:

School assignments and exams

  • Create a calendar of all your assignments and their due dates

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  • Set up a time for group assignments

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  • Set aside time to study for exams

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Work schedule

  • Add your work schedule to your calendar

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  • Have a conversation with your manager about dates that you're unavailable

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Build A Support System

Having a good support system at school and work can help you balance your time.

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  • Join a study group

  • Connect with a classmate you can reach out to in case you miss a class

  • Find a coworker that can take shifts from you if need be

Make Time For Yourself

Make sure to set time aside for your well-being.

  • Spend time with friends

  • Visit family

  • Play your favourite video game

  • Read a book

  • Do things that makes you feel good

Following this simple advice will help you stay grounded while still maintaining a busy schedule.

Take Action

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Balancing post-secondary studies and work is possible, especially when you:

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