If you're a worrier, then you're probably great at coming up with worst-case scenarios.

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But that also means you are rich in imagination.

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Why not take that imagination and turn it into something positive?

Worrying Is Bad For You

It's okay to worry sometimes.

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But too much worry can harm both your mental and physical health.

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The good news is there are ways to worry less!

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Which of these physical effects are worriers more likely to experience?

Don't Try To Stop Worrying

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By ignoring or denying your feelings you actually add fuel to the worry fire.

This Is Fine

Instead, focus on facing and redirecting your negative thoughts.

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Find A Solution (If There Is one...)

Worriers think that worrying prevents bad things from happening.

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If you actually have control over a problem, why waste time worrying?

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If you can, put that nervous energy toward solving the problem.


You don't fit into your favorite pants anymore and you're worried you ate too much junk food during quarantine. Which is the best solution?

Laugh At Yourself

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When you can't control a situation, challenge your worst-case scenario.

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Come up with as many different outcomes as you can, each sillier or more ridiculous than the last.

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Show yourself how funny your thinking really is so you can move past it.

Lean Into Your Emotions

If you don’t feel like laughing, try crying. First world problems meme with woman crying, text reads Family dog died...in that movie I watched

Safely express sadness or anger to keep your mind busy from worrying.

Keyword : SAFELY. Avoid self-medicating or engaging in dangerous activities.

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Try a creative outlet like journaling, dancing, or painting.


Your friend is worried about her grandparents’ declining health. Which would be the most appropriate way to offer help?

Take Action

Put your creativity to the test!

Think about the silliest thing you worry about, and try out the following techniques:

It might be hard at first, but keep at it and find what works for you!

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