Think of a friend who never texts you back.

Do you often make excuses for why they don't respond - especially when they don't have a valid reason?

They must be busy...or their battery is probably dead!

Stop waiting for them to text you back - they've already shown you that they won't!

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Changing How We Think Is Challenging

We think others should feel or behave in a certain way - according to what we have made up about them in our own minds.

We imagine that they are the person that we think they could be.

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Maya Angelou Said It Best:

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You Choose What To Believe

People show us who they are with their actions.

Ignoring the red flags of any relationship can lead you into trouble.

It's up to us to believe what others show us and plan accordingly.

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You're Talking With A Group Of Friends...

...and Jo often ignores you and brushes you aside in conversation.

Jo is showing you that they do not value you or your opinion with their actions.

If you choose to say nothing and continue spending time with them, you risk having them hurt you again.

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What Should You Do?

Your roommate Adam is always latepaying rent. It's becoming an issue for the landlord and reflects poorly on you as a fellow tenant.

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What should you do?

Why Believe Them The First Time?

You'll save yourself from suffering a letdown if you pay attention to what others show you about themselves.

Don't wait for someone to change because you think that they can be different.

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Take Action

Are you currently giving someone a 3rd, 4th…or 28th chance?


They've shown you who they are.

What should you do now that you know them?

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