Sasha had always been fascinated by the world of art. Growing up, he could spend hours looking at drawings and paintings. As he got older, he started to enjoy doing woodworking.

A person shaving wood as an example of woodworking.

He would get compliments from many people about his woodworking and thought: "Am I creating art?"

One day, at an arts and crafts fair, he met a pottery artist who created unique pottery, and he began to understand the difference between art and craft.

Why is it important for Sasha to understand this difference?

Knowing if he is a crafter or an artist can help Sash improve his skills, reach his audience, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Art and Craft Definitions

Abstract art made of up different colors

Art is...

...a form of self-expression that allows people to express their emotions, ideas, or perspectives in various forms. Art can include paintings, sculptures, or drawings. It's also a way for people to connect with others in a meaningful way.

Person creating a vase using the pottery wheel

Craft is...

...another form of self-expression but often involves using specific materials and craftsmanship. Common materials used are glass, metal, wood, or ceramics.

Unlike art, crafting is typically done as a hobby or trade, and has a functional purpose along with being nice to look at. For example, handmade pottery or furniture can show the creator's creativity and skill while still having practical use.

Difference Between Art and Craft

While art and craft both involve creative expression, their purpose and intentions are unique.

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  • Paintings — use painting techniques such as oil paint, watercolor

  • Sculptures — 3D objects made of clay, wood, or metal

  • Drawings — images using pencils, pens, charcoal, or ink

  • Graffiti — images created on public spaces or walls using spray paint, markers, or other materials

  • Graphic design — visual communication that uses color, composition, typography, and other visual elements to create unique designs

  • Music — sounds and rhythms to express emotion or ideas

Flaticon Icon Craft

  • Pottery — shaping and firing clay into bowls, vases, or plates.

  • Knitting — using yarn and knitting needles to create fabric or garments

  • Glassblowing — shaping molten glass into bowls, vases, or sculpture

  • Calligraphy — decorative art that uses writing or drawing letters in a visually appealing way

  • Quilting — uses several layers of fabric to create a thick material held together by hand stitching or a sewing machine

  • Woodworking — shaping and carving wood into furniture or sculptures

Purpose of Art and Craft

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  • Expresses emotions and ideas

  • Evokes a variety of emotions from the viewer, such as joy or sadness

  • Communicates important messages such as social or political commentary

  • Enriches our lives and helps us understand each other better

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  • Functional objects are created that typically have practical purposes

  • Usually done for a specific purpose 

  • Objects can be used in everyday life

  • Done as a hobby or trade

  • Expresses creativity

Having Success in Art and Craft

If you're passionate about creating beautiful things, you might wonder if you're creating art or craft. What qualities or skills do artists and crafters need to have?

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  • Have unique ideas and use your imagination

  • Art created is original and thought-provoking

  • Use tools such as paintbrushes or sculpting tools

  • Can take years of practice to develop the skills necessary to create high-level art

Flaticon Icon Craft

  • Design items that are not only beautiful but also serve a purpose

  • Master tools such as sewing needles, hammers, or pottery wheels

  • Requires technical skills and attention to detail

  • Can take years of practice to develop the skills necessary for advanced crafting


Sarah has a passion for creating unique handmade items, mainly handmade jewelry. Is she an artist or crafter?

Take Action

After meeting the pottery artist, the potter and Sasha realized that while pottery and woodworking may not be considered art in the traditional sense, both still require creativity and skill to create beautiful and functional objects.

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