"Should I post this?"

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Have you found yourself asking this while on the web?

With access to social media it is, now more than ever, easy to share information with everyone, but remember:

Once something is online, it's out there forever.

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Your Personal Information

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Personal information is unique to you and creates your online identity. It includes:

  • Full name and birthdate

  • Home address

  • Financial information, including bank account or credit card information

  • Phone numbers

  • Identification numbers (Driver's License Number, Passport Number, etc.)

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    Other information to consider is:

    • Profiles on sites based on your hobbies and interests

    • Blogs, websites, or posts that highlight places you have been or places you are going

    Hackers find clever ways to steal and exploit this information!

Post With Purpose

Consider information you want to share.

We sometimes forget to do this because of how fast we see, share, and post content online. Ask yourself:

  • How will this information be used?

  • Why do I need to share this information?

  • Who will see this?

  • Can I change or remove it if I need to?

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Submitting Online Forms

Flaticon Icon Posting your information on a website is common; we all need to complete important applications or make online purchases.

Flaticon Icon Does the website have a secure connection?

URLs with a secure connection will begin with "https://." If your browser sends a warning message, go back!

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Are you on a public or personal computer?

Avoid submitting forms with personal information on a public computer. Browsers are designed to save information, and others might see what you submit.

When preparing to submit an online form, be mindful that this information will be accessible by someone else!

Social Media

Social media is a wonderful way to express yourself, but your post may be on the Internet forever.

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Do not post any indicators of your location.

For example, do not share a picture of your street name. Consider disabling geotagging on photos taken at or near your home.

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Would you be comfortable with employers seeing your post?

Employers may ask to see your social media profiles.


Marsha wants to link her social media accounts. Is this safe for her to do?

Take Action

The web is a powerful tool and helps all of us become more connected. Flaticon Icon

Before you send that next post or submit your information:


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