This micro-lesson — or "Byte" as we call it — explains how Rumie helps millions of learners to build their skills by making learning easy and fun.

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We're a tech non-profit and community dedicated to making free learning accessible to every human. 🌎🎓

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Hey, I'm new to Bytes! What are they anyway?

Bytes are short, roughly 5-minute learning experiences that make a key insight easy to learn and remember.

Their chunked structure is 22% more effective than traditional learning methods — not to mention easier to fit into a busy day! 🤩

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What's so good about Byte learning?

Bytes are short and generally free of jargon and long passages.

They also use memes and animated GIFs. Why? Well, to:

  1. Engage learners so they enjoy their learning experience

  2. Contextualize and reinforce key points

  3. Include cues learners are familiar with — like those found in recreational apps and websites

But doesn't it look a bit like social media?

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In one survey of youth in an underserved community in Detroit, 88% of learners said that Rumie competes with social media time rather than any learning alternative.

Unlike social media, the content is vetted to have strong learning value, and is free from ads and upsells.

Kylee Davis from Detroit says she loves Bytes because they helped her learn takeaways about goal setting & management skills.


Which of the following activities give your brain a rush of dopamine?

What do people use Bytes to learn?

Bytes build on each other, a few minutes at a time, building critical life and career skills that take you closer to your goals, like:

Because Bytes are quick and commitment-free, you can work towards your goals one step at a time, at your own pace — and discover new things you might not have known would be useful!

Animated gif:

Who are Byte authors?

  • Rumie Learning Designers with a background in learning and related fields who share our mission of making learning free for all

  • Community partners like other non-profits and professional institutions with subject matter expertise, including Junior Achievement Worldwide and Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU)

  • Corporate partners whose employees volunteer time in a skills-based way to distill their insights and experience for learners who most need it

An online community-driven model enables Rumie to create high-quality content at faster speeds and reduced costs. But unlike Wikipedia, Rumie vets all volunteers and Bytes before publication, to ensure quality and applicability.

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Who are Byte learners today?

Rumie launched this new way of learning soon after the pandemic began in mid 2020.

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Today Rumie is on an exponential growth curve: after passing 1,000,000 learners in 2022, the total number of learners is currently roughly doubling every 9 months.

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Rumie Learners are younger and more diverse than other learning platforms.

A snapshot of Rumie learners...

  • 85% are 29 or under

  • 67% are visible minorities

  • In the last 24 months, 83% have experienced mental health challenges and 65% suffer from low confidence

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...and how Rumie helps them.

  • 83% feel more confident applying for jobs after completing just a few Bytes

  • 88% feel more confident in general

  • 82% feel more confident in setting and achieving their goals

  • 92% feel motivated to learn more daily

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Do learners perform better if the learning approach engages them?

Wow! Where is this all going?

Here's our plan for the next few years:

  • Add support for French, Spanish, and 26 other languages

  • Expand the library into new learning areas

  • Use AI to better individualize learning paths, language and style

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Rumie aims to empower at least 50 million learners by 2025, and to make Bytes ubiquitous and available to all across different geographies and languages.

Working swiftly with partners after the government fell in 2021, Rumie replicated its model in local languages within Afghanistan: today, thousands of girls and women in the country are using Bytes in the Dari and Pashto languages.

What are the challenges?

To get to scale, we need help with the following:

  • Credible influencers authoring Bytes (such as this Byte by astronaut Chris Hadfield)

  • Partnerships with large institutions looking to "better reach the Tiktok generation"

  • Funders who believe in applying innovative approaches to existing social problems

  • Corporate backers looking to do ESG properly (with measurable real-world impact)

Take Action

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Bytes finish with an interactive checklist that encourages learners to action, applying the knowledge they just learned.

The checklist below is made specifically for you! After you're done with this Byte, try out the steps below:


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