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We love our dogs—they're our protectors, best friends, or even fur babies. 

But have you ever wondered...

“What does my dog see when they look at me?"

Why Does It Matter?

Our dogs see the best in us.

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That's why asking this question can help you:

  • Be less self-critical

  • See yourself more positively

So, let's look at more ways our dogs see us!

100% Successful

Didn’t score that pay raise or ace that test?

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Even though you may feel like a failure, your dog thinks you're ambitious and super successful! 

You can always count on your furry friend to cheer you on as you keep striving for your goals.  

Lovable And Kissable

We all feel unattractive from time to time—maybe you've gained a few pounds or had a bad acne breakout.

None of that matters because to your dog, you're irresistible !

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Your dog will never stop showing you affection.

Gourmet Chef

We can’t all be master chefs in the kitchen.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be one to feed your hungry pup!

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To them, you’re a top chef always serving up the most delicious food around!


You may think "everyone else seems to be super talented and special, why not me?"

But you are special — in fact, your dog thinks you’re their very own superhero!

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You are fearless, willing to save your beloved pooch from any situation!


You might see yourself as needy and weak, but what does your dog see?

Take Action

Byte Author Uploaded Image So the next time you're feeling down, try these things with your dog:

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Your dog is sure to help you feel better!


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