Sales associates are the unsung heroes of the business world, quietly helping you part ways with your hard-earned cash and making you feel pretty good about it too.

Fry from Futurama shoving a fistful of dollars, stating But if you're thinking of a job or career path in sales, first you'll need to develop the right skills for the job.

Step 1: Key Skills for Sales Associates

First off, let's talk about the superpowers sales associates need to wield on a daily basis. You need to combine equal parts charisma and brainpower here, folks!


You've got to be an expert communicator, soothing frayed nerves and convincing folks that, yes, the giant inflatable pool unicorn is a must-have backyard accessory.

Man sliding down a hallway on a inflatable unicorn.


When things go topsy-turvy (because they always do), problem-solving skills are your trusty sidekick, ready to swoop in and save the day.

Customer service is like being a stand-up comedian — you have to read the room, know your audience, and turn frowns into smiles.

Mark McKinney as Glen from the sitcom Superstore  (2015-2021) giving the thumbs up.

Knowledge of products and tech tools

On the other hand, you need a healthy dose of product knowledge and some tech-savviness, like knowing your way around sales tools and software.

It's not just about knowing that the unicorn has a built-in cup holder — it's about explaining why it's a game-changer for those summertime margaritas.


A customer tells you they need a new cell phone. What should you do next?

Step 2: Relating Experiences to Sales Skills

Now let's address the "What if I'm not a seasoned sales pro?" scenario. Picture this: You've never sold a thing in your life. Don't worry, your skills might be hiding in plain sight.

Remember that school project where you convinced your teacher that the class should have a pizza party instead of another history lecture? Boom! That's persuasive communication.

Chris Evans eating pizza screaming

If you have ever been part of a club, sports team, or marching band, you most likely have time management and organizational skills. Or the time you volunteered at the local animal shelter, calming down even the crankiest of cats? That's customer service, my friend. Grumpy Cat being held by human.

Your life has been secretly preparing you for the world of sales, and you didn't even know it! So, dive into your treasure trove of experiences and find those hidden gems.

Comedian Pete Davidson wearing the Infinity Gauntlet.


Let's say you are applying for a sales job, but you have no professional experience. Which personal/academic experience(s) would be relevant to a sales position? Select all that apply:

Step 3: Training, Sales Techniques, and Handling Objections

But wait, there's more! If you're thinking, "Hey, I need a bit more than my pizza party skills to conquer the sales world," don't worry. There are training programs and certifications for that. It's like going to the superhero academy but without the spandex.

These formal programs can give you the knowledge and tools to become a real sales guru.

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk stating

And let's not forget about the secret weapons — sales techniques.

Ever heard of upselling, where you persuade customers to go for that extra slice of cake? Or how about objection handling, where you turn "I'm not sure" into "I'll take two, please!" It's like a Jedi mind trick, but for sales.

Alec Guiness as Obe-Wan Kenobi saying

So, whether you're starting from scratch or leveling up your game, there are tools and techniques to help you unlock your inner sales superhero.


A customer is interested in purchasing a new laptop for work. They need a laptop that needs to be recharged often, as they travel a lot. What is an example of upselling?

Start Your Career Today!

And there you have it, fellow adventurers in the sales realm! If you want to be one of the unsung heroes of irresistible persuasion, you'll need to show employers that you're armed with soft skills, problem-solving ability, and tech-savviness.

Add in a dash of your own selling techniques and you are ready to navigate the galaxy of sales.

Rocket the Raccoon stating

Don't fret if you're new to the game. Your school projects, volunteer escapades, and club meets have been your secret training all along. Check out the video below for insight on how to get that sales job with little to no experience.

And when you're ready to level up, there's formal training and certification to make you the sales superhero you were born to be.

Plus, with tricks like upselling and objection handling up your sleeve, you'll turn "I'm not sure" into "I'll take two, please!"

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