Gal Godot says,

Nobody wants to say your name wrong...

...but it's possible for people to get it right. If people can learn celebrity names, they can learn yours.

A man explains that he should know how to pronounce

Your name is worth being said correctly! You just have to show people how.

It's Ok to Correct Someone

A woman tries to pronounce the Irish name Mairéad as

It might be awkward at first, but if someone tries to say your name....awesome! There's no harm in telling them how to say it correctly.

Be positive! Tell them, "That was so close but it's actually pronounced 'Muh-raid...."

Nice to Meet Me!

Alan Rickman looking stern. The text reads,

Introduce yourself the way you want people to introduce you to others.

  • Own it: say your full name with confidence.

  • Don't rush: speak at a consistent speed and be clear.

  • Help: give them tips to say your name correctly, like rhyming words.


You introduce yourself as "Maxence". People ask if they can call you Max. Do you have to say "yes"?

Same Name Game

Image of 4 objects: plane, rain, crane and a woman named Jain with her name written above her.

If possible, come up with easy-to-remember ways to get the correct pronunciation to stick:

  • "I'm Lasi. It rhymes with classy.

  • "My name is Kamala. It's just comma + la."

What About My Resume?

Chiwetel Ejiofor correcting people mispronouncing his name: chew-it-tell edge-e-oh-four.

Give hiring managers a headstart by adding a fo-net-ick-al (phonetical) guide below your name.

This means writing easy-to-follow sounds that make up your full name. Here are some examples of famous people's names:

  • Saoirse Ronan: sur-sh-a-sha row-nin

  • Anna Faris: ah-na fair-is

  • Joe Manganiello: jo man-guh-nell-o

  • Domhnall Gleeson: don-null glee-son

  • Gal Gadot: gal ga-dote

  • Amanda Seyfried: ah-man-duh sigh-fred

Sample of phonetics added to a resume:

A resume with phonetics listed for the name Dwarika as do-war-ick-ah

Take Action

A gamer at a competition sits in front of a computer. He points at himself and says,

You're on your way to living in a more inclusive world!

The more you say your name and make the correct pronunciation the expectation, people will adapt. It might be annoying at first, but don't give up.


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